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The 13 Best Kids Books About Ocean Animals

Sharing a story is one of the best ways to engage kids and teach them about the world. After all, books are full of captivating characters children can enjoy and learn from!

When it comes to ocean animals, the world beneath the water is full of mystery and amazement. While we can’t take kids on a deep-sea dive, we can bring them on a literary journey with some of the best kids books about ocean animals.

Whether you want a factual guidebook or a fantastical adventure, here are some wonderful books that’ll whisk kids away to a whole new world!

Below are some of our favorite ocean animal books for kids. We do not doubt that when you share these stories with your child, they’ll have a newfound appreciation for the amazing creatures that live in our oceans.

For some more ocean fun, check out our ocean crafts for kids. Your little one can make these crafts after reading about ocean animals to create a memorable learning experience.

Ocean Animal Books

ocean background with the words 13 best ocean animal books for kids

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Do you have a favorite kids’ book about ocean animals that didn’t make the list? Let me know in the comments below.

Under The Sea Ideas For Kids

Carry on the ocean adventure fun with these under the sea ideas – from crafting to learning, there’s something to entertain and engage your little ones.

Keep reading to discover these ideas and get inspired!

Sea Creature Crafts For Kids

Crafting with your kids is a wonderful way to encourage their creativity and boost their development. Through crafting, children are able to express themselves freely and develop their fine motor skills as they manipulate and mold various materials.

Beyond just being a fun activity, making crafts with your kids offers a multitude of benefits to their growth and development!

Handprint Jellyfish – With this craft, your little ones can create their very own jellyfish friend! They’ll love using their handprint to be the stinging tentacles and giving the jellyfish big cute eyes and a sweet smiling face. What color jellyfish will your little one make?

Easy Fish Painting Art & Craft – Let your mini-marine biologists explore the ocean’s depths with this easy fish painting craft. They’ll have a whale of a time painting the template, cutting out the shapes, and pasting them onto paper to create a watercolor scene. This is a great craft for encouraging creative expression!

ocean craft ideas for kids image collage

Crab Paper Bag Puppet – Transform a regular paper bag into a super cute crab puppet. Kids can customize their crustacean creations by adding their eyes and a happy smile. Once their puppet is made, it’s time for playtime fun! Let their imaginations run wild and create silly ocean animal stories with this puppet.

Whale Handprint Craft – Your little ones can make a handprint whale that will be cherished for years to come! They’ll have so much fun as they trace their hands to become the water spouting out the whale’s blow hole. It’s sure to be an underwater adventure they won’t forget.

Under The Sea Activities For Kids

Kids can count their way to a colorful masterpiece with these shark color by number printables! This craft is great for kids who love the ocean and want to explore their creative side. Not only will they create a unique piece of art, but they can also practice counting and color recognition.

Our jellyfish dot to dots are the perfect way for kids to flex their hand-eye coordination and concentration muscles. As they connect each dot, a beautiful jellyfish will appear! Once complete, kids can have a blast coloring in their jellyfish and adding fun designs.

ocean activities for kids collage

This ocean matching game is a great way to help kids learn while having fun. Kids can match up each animal shown on the cards and practice their memory skills as they go. To make it extra fun, they can also try to name each animal and learn a few facts about them!

Download and print these crab worksheets for an under the sea adventure kids won’t want to miss! These entertaining crab-themed activities are perfect for practicing skills like cutting and handwriting. Your little ones will have so much fun; they won’t realize how much they’re learning!

Try these world ocean day cutting practice pages for something hands-on and engaging. Kids will love using their scissors to cut along the dotted lines to complete each activity.

These pages are great for improving fine motor skills and dexterity! With these activities, kids can explore the ocean without ever getting wet.

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More Ideas For Kids

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