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Butterfly Dot To Dot Worksheets For Kids [Free Printables]

Spring will be here before we know it, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Our butterfly dot to dot worksheets are a wonderful way to keep the kids busy and get them excited about springtime. Your little ones can connect the dots to complete each picture, then color it in for an extra special touch! 

Not only is this a fun activity for your child, but it also helps with their fine motor skill development, concentration, and hand-eye coordination.

Download and print these butterfly dot to dots and make learning extra special this season. They’re also great for long car rides or while waiting to go out and explore the great outdoors!

Check out our other dot to dot printables for even more fun activities. We’ve got something for everyone to enjoy!

Butterfly Connect The Dots Printables

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Your kids are going to love these butterfly dot to dots! There are 3 sweet butterfly designs to choose from, each with a unique dot-to-dot pattern to complete. 

With these dot-to-dot puzzles, kids will hone their number recognition skills, improve fine motor coordination, and practice concentration. 

Once they’ve counted and connected the dots, your children can color in the design to create a beautiful butterfly picture! 

These worksheets are also great for kids to learn about shapes and colors. Have your kiddos look at their butterfly wings and talk about what they see. Do they notice any shapes? Or how about curved lines vs. straight ones? 

Then, have them talk about the colors they used to color in their butterfly pictures. 

Our butterfly dot to dots are such a fun way to combine math and art – so give them a try today!

butterfly dot to dot worksheets

Spring Season Ideas For Kids

Don’t let the springtime fun stop here! Kickstart your kids learning this season and have them explore the world with these fun activities.

From crafting some cute critters to reading a new book, here are some of our favorite spring season ideas!

Spring Books For Kids

Below are some of our favorite spring books for kids.

Ten Little Ladybugs – This cute book is not only fun to read, but also fun to touch! Kids will want to read this book day after day and it helps them learn to count.

Planting a Rainbow – Kids will have a blast learning about colors and flowers in this colorful and engaging book!

Bee – This peek-through picture book is a fun bedtime book for kids! It’s short and keeps the kids’ attention span.

butterfly dot to dot worksheets

Spring Crafts For Kids

Bird Paper Bag Craft – Combine creativity and play with this colorful bird puppet craft. Kids can assemble their own puppets and then use them to tell stories or explore the world of birds! They’ll have the best time crafting while practicing their fine motor skills. 

Frog Paper Cup Craft – For a ‘ribbiting’ good time, try this frog paper cup craft! Our free printable template has everything your kids need to transform an ordinary paper cup into a frog. This craft is perfect for little ones to explore textures and colors, plus they can use it as a fun puppet afterward! 

spring time crafts for kids

Paper Plate Butterfly Craft – Your kids will flutter with excitement when they make this easy paper plate butterfly craft! It’s a great way to explore shapes and colors while working on their cutting and painting skills. When they’re done, hang up their butterfly and watch it flutter in the spring breeze! 

Tissue Paper Bee Craft – Do you have some busy bees needing an activity? Try this tissue paper bee craft! Kids will love creating their very own bees and learning more about the busy insects. They’ll also work on their hand-eye coordination and imagination as they tear up the tissue paper and assemble their bee!

Kids Spring Activities

Learning how to use scissors is an important skill for kids to master. Our frog cutting practice worksheets put the fun in this fine motor skill development! Your little ones will love cutting out the different shapes on each page as they practice their scissor techniques.

Cheep cheep, it’s time to learn with these chick worksheets! Each page features a fun activity to help your kiddos practice letter recognition and writing skills. With activities including ‘label the chick’ and a letter maze, your kids will have the best time learning this season. 

butterfly dot to dot worksheets

Bring some sunshine to your kid’s day with our spring color by number printables. With 7 different designs, your kids will have the best time practicing their number recognition as they color on each page. They also make great decorations to hang around the house or classroom!

Create a butterfly learning unit with this butterfly life cycle printable book! Kids can color in pasta shapes and learn more about the fascinating transformation of butterflies. This fun activity is excellent for fostering language and literacy development, plus it’s a great way to get kids excited about nature!

butterfly dot to dot worksheets

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More Spring Activities

Butterfly Dot To Dot Free Printables

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