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24 Festive Holiday Paper Plate Crafts For Kids [Free Templates]

Kids love to get creative, and the holidays are a great time for crafting!

That’s why we’ve come up with these simple yet fun holiday paper plate crafts – perfect for getting kids into the festive spirit in a creative way.

Our holiday paper plate crafts are not just entertaining; they’re also educational. Kids will learn about shapes, colors, and even history while they craft! Whether it’s an Easter bunny, a Halloween ghost, or a Thanksgiving turkey, you’ll find plenty of fun activities to keep them busy.

We’ve included step-by-step instructions for each craft and free templates so you can download and print them right away!

Here at Simple Everyday Mom, we want to make crafting easy and enjoyable for everyone. So grab a paper plate and get crafting for the holidays!

Holiday Paper Plate Crafts

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What’s cheeky, adorable, and fun to make? Our Elf on the Shelf paper plate craft! This festive project is a great way to bring some extra holiday cheer into your home. Your little one will have the best time creating their very own elf with a few simple supplies!

‘Tis the season for gingerbread men! This paper plate gingerbread man craft is a fun and festive activity for the whole family. Our printable template makes this cute project easy to make, and your kids can add some creative touches with paint and other decorations.

Let Santa Claus put the fun into crafting! Our paper plate Santa craft is a ho-ho-ho-liday favorite that your kids will love. Once completed, it can be used as a festive table decoration or hung from the tree for even more holiday fun!

Our paper plate reindeer craft is the perfect activity to get everyone excited for the holidays. It’s so easy to make – even the littlest ones can join in on the fun! Your kiddos can use our free template to create their reindeer and decorate it however they’d like!

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Where would Santa be without his trusty elves? Our paper plate elf craft is a great way to let your little one join in on the fun! Kids will also work on their hand-eye coordination and creativity to make their own elf buddy. It’s sure to bring lots of smiles and holiday cheer!

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch! But don’t worry – this paper plate Grinch craft will make anyone’s heart grow three sizes this festive season! Include this craft alongside your other holiday projects for some Grinch-y fun for all the family.

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without old Saint Nick! Our Santa paper plate craft is super easy to assemble, and your kids will love it. As they put together the pieces, they’ll learn how Santa looks and work on their hand-eye coordination, too!

With this adorable activity, your little bunnies will hop their way to Easter fun! Our Easter bunny paper plate craft is perfect for your kids to get creative, and it makes a festive decoration that will last all season.

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It’s time to get crafty with this sweet sheep paper plate craft! Kids will love making a fluffy sheep and learning about farm animals at the same time. This activity is sure to bring lots of fun, along with some valuable lessons about our four-legged friends.

Our paper plate chick craft is perfect for bringing spring into your home. Little ones can use our free template to make a little chick and decorate it however they’d like. Nothing says spring quite like baby animals, and this craft will bring smiles all around!

Hop along to some springtime fun and have your kids make this paper plate bunny craft. They can create their own adorable bunny using a paper plate, pipe cleaners, paint, and some other simple supplies! This craft is perfect for both Easter and celebrating the new season.

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that candy corn is a staple of Halloween fun! Our paper plate candy corn craft lets your kids create their own version of the treat. This simple activity is great for toddlers, older kids, and even adults!

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Our paper plate ghost craft is a boo-tiful Halloween activity. Kids can use our free template and simple supplies to create their own spooky ghosts. Our ghost craft is also a great way to help young learners recognize shapes, facial features, and other basic concepts.

There’s nothing scary about this paper plate bat craft! Hang your bats around the house or turn them into party decorations – either way, they’re sure to bring the Halloween spirit into your home! Your kids will love crafting up these little critters, and you’ll love how easy it is to get started.

It’s time to get spooky with our zombie paper plate craft. Your little monsters will love putting together their zombie friend! They can decorate it however they like, using our free template for guidance. This craft is the perfect activity to get your kids excited about Halloween!

Our paper plate mummy craft is the perfect way to combine crafting with a little spookiness! Kids will have so much fun making this mummy; they can use paint, construction paper, and more to make it unique. This is sure to be a hit with any little ghoul or goblin!

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There’s one pumpkin who stands out from the crowd – it’s Spookley The Square Pumpkin! Our paper plate Spookley The Square pumpkin craft is fun for all ages and makes a great Halloween activity. Your kids will love getting creative to make their version of this beloved character.

This paper plate witch craft is perfect for getting your little ones in the Halloween spirit! Kids can make their own version of a witch that’s unique and special to them. Once it’s complete, they can use it as a decoration or take it trick-or-treating with them!

Halloween just wouldn’t be complete without a vampire or two! Our paper plate vampire craft will have your kids create this fun, spooky character. With our free template and some simple supplies, they’ll make a creepy companion in no time.

Our paper plate pumpkin craft is a must-do activity for the fall season! Kids can work on their artistic skills and create their own Halloween pumpkins. It’s the perfect activity to do after visiting a pumpkin patch or sharing a pumpkin-themed story!

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Your kid’s creativity will come alive with our paper plate Frankenstein craft! This activity is fun and educational – kids can learn about shapes and colors as they put together their monsters. Plus, it’s an easy craft that doesn’t require a lot of supplies or prep work.

We love how unique our paper plate monster craft is! Kids can let their imaginations run wild and create a monster however they like. They can use paint, googly eyes, and any other fun pieces to bring their monster to life. Who knows what kind of creature they’ll come up with?

Don’t forget about Thanksgiving in your holiday crafting! Our paper plate turkey craft is a great way to get kids excited for the fall season. They’ll learn about turkeys and use their creative skills to make their own version. Plus, it makes a festive decoration that’ll last for years to come.

Your kids will have a blast making our paper plate pilgrim craft. This activity is great for teaching them the holiday’s history and having them practice their fine motor skills, too! At the end, they’ll have a fun decoration to show off year after year.

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