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How To Catch Santa Worksheets For Kids [Free Printables]

One of our favorite ways to get in the holiday spirit is with a good book! We like to cuddle up with a family favorite, How to Catch Santa.

To keep the festive fun going beyond the book’s pages, we use these How to Catch Santa worksheets. These companion worksheets are tailored to complement the holiday book with some fun, hands-on learning.

With these worksheets, kids will work on fine motor skills, completing patterns, developing vocabulary, recognizing the letter C, and much more! Read on below to see what’s included with these printables, and how they’ll help your child develop important skills.

Once you’ve come up with your plan to catch Santa, check out some more Santa activities to keep the holiday spirit high!

How To Catch Santa Printables

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In this set of worksheets, we’ve included the following printables:

  • Line Tracing worksheet
  • Finish the Pattern worksheet
  • Label the Fireplace worksheet
  • Letter Cc worksheet
  • How to Catch Santa flashcards

Santa Line Tracing Printables

The first worksheet in our set of printables is the line tracing worksheets. Kids will trace along the dotted line to connect the illustrations on either side of the page.

As they go down the page, the path gets more and more challenging, really working their fine motor skills! This is a great way for kids to gain pencil control and hand-eye coordination as well.

How To Catch Santa Pattern Worksheet

Up next is the finish the pattern worksheet where kids will cut and paste the correct illustration at the bottom of the page into the square that finishes out that line’s pattern.

Kids will use their observation skills, critical thinking, visual discrimination, and spatial awareness when they recognize patterns. 

How to catch Santa label the fireplace

Label The Fireplace Christmas Worksheet

Help kids expand their vocabulary by introducing words that describe the fireplace and its decorations with the label the fireplace worksheet.

At the bottom of the page, kids will find the labels that they’ll cut and paste to the correct box of the item it’s pointing to. This activity will also have kids working on their scissor skills and fine motor skills as they cut and paste.

C is For Christmas Tree Printable

Use the letter Cc worksheet with dot markers, crayons, or even buttons to mark each uppercase and lowercase Cc. This activity will have kids working on their letter recognition skills, focus, and visual discrimination.

How to catch Santa letter c

How To Catch Santa Flashcards

Last up are flashcards that feature illustrations from the book. The flashcards can be used to play a fun game of memory by matching up pairs as they turn over 2 cards each turn. They can also be used to increase your child’s vocabulary by learning new words that label each picture.

These worksheets and flashcards are an engaging way to incorporate a little learning and extend the fun of the story this holiday season.

Christmas Ideas For Preschoolers

Christmas is coming up soon and we love to celebrate with lots of fun crafts and activities with the kids. We have lots of great ideas to get them excited for the holiday and learning at the same time!

Keep reading below to see some of our suggestions of Christmas crafts and educational activities they can do over the holiday.

Christmas Book Recommendations

Reading books with your kids has numerous benefits for their development. By sharing a book with your child, you are fostering their literacy skills, encouraging critical thinking and empathy, and building a strong bond between the two of you!

Reading can also improve their vocabulary, comprehension, and communication skills. Plus, it’s a great way to introduce them to new ideas, cultures, and experiences, while sparking their imaginations and creativity.

Below are some of the top Christmas books to read to your kids!

Dasher: This wonderfully illustrated Christmas book for kids gives you the back story on one of Santa’s favorite reindeer, Dasher! Girls will especially love to read this since Dasher is a girl.

Construction Site On Christmas Night: Fans of the fun characters of the construction site books have to add this Christmas-themed story to their collection. See how the trucks get ready for Christmas!

How To Catch An Elf: Kids everywhere love the silliness of this Christmas story. The rhymes and the illustrations will draw the kids in as well. This is a Christmas book kids will want to read every year!

How to catch Santa line tracing

Christmas Crafts For Preschoolers

Snowman Photo Craft – Make an adorable keepsake by building a snowman complete with your little one’s face. Kids will create a snowman and personalize it with their photo with this fun paper craft! 

Christmas Tree Tissue Paper – This fun and easy craft will be a hit with the kids! They’ll create and decorate their own Christmas tree with tissue paper and colorful ornaments complete with a shining star!

Christmas crafts collage

Elf on the Shelf Toilet Paper Roll Craft – Your elf on the shelf will be so flattered that you made a craft that looks just like him! It’s a fun craft to make with a few basic supplies and a recycled item.

Santa’s Cookie Plate Name Craft – The most delicious way to spell out your name is with cookies. This craft is just as fun and requires no baking! Kids will love making this personalized keepsake.

Christmas Activities For Preschoolers

Keep these gingerbread man color by number pages in mind when you need a fun, no-prep activity for the kids to do over the holiday. They’ll help kids practice number recognition while coloring a beautiful holiday decoration perfect for hanging on the fridge!

Our favorite Christmas character is the star of these Grinch worksheets! These three worksheets include a letter maze, a handwriting page for the letter G, and a page to label the Grinch.

They’re a festive way for kids to practice handwriting, fine motor skills, letter recognition, and scissor skills.

How to catch Santa finish the pattern

These Santa do a dot printables make learning fun! Kids will love to use their dot markers to fill in a Santa illustration, dot the path across the page to practice fine motor skills, dot the number of items on a graph, and identify all the Ss letters.

Over the holiday, encourage your kids to practice their math skills with these Christmas preschool math worksheets. Themed learning always makes it a little more fun, and these worksheets are filled with festive pictures to get them excited about learning numbers and counting!

How to catch Santa matching game

Looking for some more fun Christmas activities to keep the kids busy? We’ve got you covered with this Christmas printables bundle! There are color by numbers, pattern block mats, do a dot printables, letters from Santa and so much more. No more hours of screen time – these activities will keep them engaged and happy!

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How To Catch Santa Worksheets

Santa Worksheets

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