Easy Easter  Bunny Craft

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This Easter bunny craft is our way of adding more cheer to the season! It’s quick and another easy Easter craft for kids to make.


– Colored cardstock – Scissors – Glue – 1 cm pom pom (optional) – Markers (optional) – Easter bunny template


1. Download the Easter bunny template, print, and cut out the pieces you need.

2. Begin with the bunny's head and glue the nose at the top of the mouth.

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3. Take the eyes and place them, one on each side, just above the nose and glue them in place.

4. Make the Easter egg by decorating the egg with the markers. Glue the completed Easter egg to the middle of the bunny's body.

5. Place the arms on each side of the body and glue them down so it looks like they are holding the egg in place.

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