Fun Valentine Do A Dot Printables For Kids

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and if you’re like us you’re on the lookout for fun activities that entertain, but also educate your kids as well, right?

If this is you, then we have the perfect thing to help not only entertain, but educate at the same time!

These Valentine’s Day Do a Dot Printables are the perfect solution and they require very little work from you.

In this Valentine’s Day bundle we have included:

– Valentine Cookie jar – Love birds – Teddy Bear – Valentine’s Day Mailbox

If your kids love to do these over and over again we suggest printing a bunch of the black and white version for endless fun!

Dot marker activities are always a great option for kids of all ages even toddlers.

Another version of these dot marker art pages is to laminate them and use objects like bingo chips, pom pom balls, or even cereal to place on each circle.

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