Goal Setting  For Kids +  Free Printable Punch Cards

With my new found belief in setting goals anchored, I decided I was going to help my 5-year-old set his very first goal this next year.

Goal Setting For Kids

What You Should Say Instead:

Mom: We’re going to talk a      little bit about setting      goals for the New Year.        Do you know what goals      are? Kid: No. Mom: Goals are like a plan      we make for ourselves to      help us grow and make      ourselves better.

Talk About Your Resolutions

Kids really do learn so much more by example, so harness this power and talk about your own goals.

Terrain Map

Brainstorm Ideas For Their Goal

It’s best if we let them decide exactly how they want to better themselves.

Narrow Down  The Goal(s)

Have them go through the list and pick the top few goals they want to set as their resolutions.

Create An  Action Plan

Lined Circle

With your new goal in mind, you are ready to help your child create a plan on how exactly they will reach their resolution.

Talk About The Rewards

Nothing keeps us going strong on our new resolutions then small wins. Consistent, small victories help us keep the stamina we need to achieve long, difficult goals.

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