Minnie &  Mickey Mouse Paper Bag Puppet

Do you have little kids who love watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? If so, they’ll have a blast making these Minnie & Mickey Mouse paper bag puppets!


– Brown paper bag – Colored card stock (light pink,   dark pink, red, cream and   black) – White card stock – Black, light pink and dark pink   marker – Glue stick – Minnie & Mickey Mouse   template


– Scissors


1. Download the Mickey and Minnie mouse template, print and cut out the pieces.

Lined Circle

2. Place Mickey's nose just below the curved mark in the middle of his face and glue in place.

Terrain Map

3. Position Mickey's eyes so they lay just on top of the curved mark and glue to secure.

4. Use the black marker to outline both eyes.

5. Use the light pink marker to draw a tongue at the bottom of Mickey's mouth. Use the dark pink marker to fill in the rest of the mouth.

Lined Circle

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