Popsicle Stick Penguin Craft

It’s a fun winter animal craft for kids you can turn into an ornament as well. All you need are a few common craft supplies and you’re ready to make family memories.


– Popsicle sticks – Paint – Black string or yarn – Googly eyes – Small scrap of fabric – Glue – Foam sheets – Baker's twine (optional; for making it an ornament) – Penguin template (optional)


– Paint brush – Scissors


1. Take 3 popsicle sticks and glue them together. You can do this by putting glue between the popsicle sticks and pushing them together.

Lined Circle

2. Paint the popsicle sticks black and let dry.

Terrain Map

3. Use the black string or yarn and wrap the entire middle section of the popsicles, leaving about 1" unwrapped at the top and bottom.

4. Cut a strip of fabric or use a ribbon and tie it around where the penguin’s neck would be.

5. Draw out the penguin’s beak, belly, and feet onto the foam sheets. Cut out. Glue the orange nose just above the penguin’s scarf.

Lined Circle

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