R2D2 Handprint Craft For Kids

[Free Template]

Lined Circle

If your kids are anything like mine, their favorite Star Wars characters are always droids! That’s exactly why we have created a few droid crafts and why we made this R2D2 handprint craft.

Lined Circle

This is a simple activity that lets kids not only color but work on strengthening fine motor skills and cutting practice.


– White cardstock – Scissors – Crayons or markers – Glue – Pencil – R2D2 template


1. Download the  R2D2 template and print it out on white cardstock.

2. Have your child color in the droid pieces, then cut them all out.

Terrain Map

3. Trace your child's hand on a piece of white cardstock, then cut it out.

4. Position the handprint with the fingers pointing down. Take the rounded R2D2 head and glue the center part of it to the handprint

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