Toilet Paper  Roll Grogu (Baby Yoda) Craft 

[Free Template]

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Today, we’re combining our love of cardboard tube crafts with Yoda and showing you how to make this easy toilet paper roll Baby Yoda craft.


– Toilet paper roll core – Colored cardstock (in green, brown and light brown) – White out pen (optional) – Glue stick – Brown marker – Baby Yoda paper roll template


– Scissors


1. Download the free Yoda template, print and cut out the pieces.

2. If you want white on the eyes, use the white-out pen to color in the two circles in the eye. Let dry before continuing.

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3. Use the brown marker to draw two straight lines in the middle of Yoda's jacket. Glue the coat to Yoda's main body piece, about .5" below his mouth.

4. Glue the light brown part of Yoda's coat on top of the coat, below his mouth. 

5. Use scissors to trim the toilet paper roll down to the same size as the printable.

Lined Circle

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