A Silly Photo Leprechaun Craft For Kids

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Turn your child into a dancing leprechaun this St. Patrick’s Day with this silly photo leprechaun craft for kids.


– Colored card stock – Glue stick – Scissors – Orange marker – Photo of your child’s face   (about 2″ wide) – Leprechaun template


1. Download the leprechaun template and print it out.

2. Cut out your child's face from the photograph and color over their hair, eyebrows  with the orange sharpie.

Terrain Map

3. Cut out hands for the leprechaun by cutting out an oval shape from the cream paper

4. Assemble the leprechaun by gluing the shoes behind the pants. Next glue the pants behind the bottom of the torso.

5. Glue the hands behind the arms, then glue the arms behind the middle of the torso.

Lined Circle

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