Make This Easy  Dr. Seuss Truffula  Tree Craft For Kids

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Celebrate Dr. Seuss and The Lorax by making this simple truffula tree craft for kids. Today, we’re making a super simple, super fun truffula tree to get into the Seuss spirit.


– Jumbo yellow popsicle sticks – Black marker – Embroidery thread (in pink,   yellow and blue) – Hot glue and hot glue gun or   extra-strength glue dots


– Scissors


1. Place the yellow craft sticks on a paper plate and color thin wavy lines across each one.

2. Using one color of embroidery floss, wrap the entire pack around three fingers.

Terrain Map

3. Slide your fingers out and tie the end in a double knot around the center.

4. Cut the loop on each side to make the truffula tree tufts.

5. Repeat for each color embroidery floss.

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