Pot Of Gold  & Rainbow Craft For Kids

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Lined Circle

Make this cute pot of gold and rainbow craft this St. Patrick’s Day with the kids. Or see all our fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids here.


– Colored card stock (in sky   blue, green and black) – Gold glitter card stock – Rainbow colored pipe   cleaners – Cotton balls – Glue stick – Strong Glue Dots – Pot of gold template


– Scissors


1. Print the pot of gold template onto black card stock and cut out.

2. Cut out a hill shaped piece from the green paper and glue onto the bottom of the blue paper.

Terrain Map

3. Glue the pot of gold onto the top of the hill.

4. Cut out circular coins from the glitter card stock and glue onto the top of the pot.

5. Using the extra strength glue dots, attach the pipe cleaners to the end of the gold coins and in a rainbow shape to the end of the blue paper.

Lined Circle

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