Pretend Play Vet Clinic

Printables For Kids

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If you just have a child that loves animals, this pretend play vet clinic printable set is for you!

Inside this set, I’ve included a variety of printables so your child can live out their dream of being a veterinarian today.

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Hours Signs & Services List:

Let your patients know when to expect the doctor with these signs.

Patient Intake Form:

On this paper, your little doctor will find everything they need to document their patient’s medical history. You’ll need to print one of these for every patient.

Terrain Map

Bill Form:

If your child is old enough, using the bill form along with the services list is a great way to practice reading and math skills.

Vet Stickers:

There are 4 different styles of stickers for various animals. There are also band aid stickers you can print out and let your child use to fix up their patients.

Next Appointment Card:

These small cards are the perfect reminder to patients of when they need to come in next.

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