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10 Of The Hottest Christmas Toys 2022

Inside: Wondering what the hottest Christmas toys of 2022 will be? Get ahead of the holiday shopping rush with this guide to the new, popular Christmas toys for 2022

Tickle Me Elmo.


NES Classic.

If you have kids, grandkids or live anywhere near where children are alive, then you know what all these products have in common:

They were such popular Christmas gifts for kids that they were almost impossible to find. 

Trust me, you don’t want to find yourself in that predicament.

The one where you’ve waited until 2 weeks before Christmas to ask your kids what they want. They get their list to you faster than you’ve ever seen them move in their life but then when you finally find some peace and quiet after you put the kids to bed, you realize the horror:

All the gifts they want are sold out!

It’s a stomach-clenching feeling. Now you’ve either have to spend 10 times the retail price to buy the gift off of eBay or Amazon or you have to get a gift for your kids that they really don’t want.

It’s a lose-lose situation.

But, the good news is it’s a new year, and this time, you’re on top of it! You’ve come to find the hottest toys of this Christmas season for kids of all ages.

Top Christmas Toys 2022

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LOL Surprise! Dolls

What is it with kids and blind bags?!

All we know is that every little girl is going to ask for these LOL Surprise! balls.

They’re flying off the shelves like crazy so if your daughter asks for one do yourself a favor and buy it today!

You can also buy a larger set with this set that contains over 6o surprises in one suitcase.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Gator Car Wash Play Set

If you have a boy that loves cars this is the gift of the year for him!

This interactive car wash features different stations along the track where special cars dip into hot and cold water to change colors.

It’s really more of something you need to see rather than read, so check out this fun toy set in action below:

Hatchimals Hatchibabies

The people at Hatchimals really know what they’re doing. Ever since the first year Hatchimals showed up in stores, they’ve been a huge holiday hit over and over again.

This year, it’s all going to be about the adorable Hatchimals Hatchibabies.

Wondering what’s so different about the Hatchibabies compared to the previous ones?

Not too much.

Unless you’re a kid and then the answer is everything!

This time, these little pets are like the name says, babies. They also come with secret surprises hidden inside their egg like baby bottles, brushes, snuggling friends and more.

On top of that, they also have a little chair to put your Hatchibabies in to make sure they stay safe and sound.

Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Firetruck

Paw Patrol fans, look out!

This awesome rescue firetruck features a 2-foot extendable fire ladder, a pretend water cannon launcher, space for all 6 pups, Marshall and his mini fire cart.

Any kids who watch the show are bound to love this ultimate rescue firetruck!

Barbie Dreamhouse

With a name like Barbie Dreamhouse, it’s easy to imagine every little girl needs this dollhouse in her collection.

This year’s dreamhouse has 3 levels, each bursting at the seams with cool details. It also has a slide that goes from level 3 to a pool (that actually holds water!) on level 2.

There’s also an elevator, a kitchen, bedroom, dining nook and so much more!!

Don’t Step In It

There are just somethings as adults we really don’t get any more and I’m pretty sure this board game is one of them!

Even though the object of this game is to have the least amount of steps in the dog “poop”, kids are going absolutely bonkers over it.

If your family loves board games and you have young kids, they’ll love Don’t Step In It!

Plus, if you want to have a girlier version, there’s also Don’t Step In It! Unicorn Edition.

Fingerling Hugs

fingerling hugs

Last year, Fingerlings were a huge hit, but this year they’ve taken them to a whole new level!

These Fingerling Hugs are giant, plush animal friends that kids will love.

These cuties are full of surprise sounds that come out when you swing them, kiss them, pat them, and more. Plus, when you hold their ears down and talk, they repeat what you say in a funny voice!

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

Older Lego fans will flip for this new Harry Potter Lego set. 

This Hogwarts Lego set has over 800 pieces and 10 movie characters. This gift will certainly keep your kids busy building for quite a while!

Joy For All Lifelike Interactive Cat

joy for all silver cat

Year after year, interactive pets make the list of the hottest toys for Christmas.

This year, it’s expected that the Joy for all lifelike cats will take one of the top slots! These cat-like fluff balls are little creatures that need kids to take care of them.

Crate Creatures Surprise!

If you thought interactive pets were only for the girls, you’d be wrong!

Crate Creatures Surprise! are the grosser, crazier creature doubles for boys. These guys come locked up in a crate only your kid can unlock.

They make over 45 unique sounds, respond to their favorite food and come with a small assortment of objects.

Your Turn

Now tell me, which of these toys will you be getting your kids this Christmas?

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