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The 7 Best Bottles For Breastfed Babies That Will Allow You To Nurse Without Problems

Inside: If you’re a nursing mom who’s worried about nipple confusion, then you need to check out these best bottles for breastfed babies. Plus, banish overwhelm when getting ready for baby with this guide. 

Picture me, shortly after the birth of my first son:

Birth felt like death.

I was hobbling around due to what I suspect was a broken tailbone, checking my phone hourly for every possible life-threatening symptom I thought my newborn baby was showing, and utterly terrified at the prospect of giving him a bottle.

Since we had so many breastfeeding problems, I was convinced once he had a bottle he would never go back to nursing.

I knew feeding him a bottle would be like offering him a big gulp in the middle of the Sahara desert.

What baby would go back to the very limited supply of breastmilk I had available when it there was a magical bottle that practically pumped out the milk for you?

And then I heard about nipple confusion.

Yeah, who knew that was a real thing?

Eventually, I was so exhausted with being a new mom and suffering from low milk supply that I had to give my baby a bottle to get a break.

I was determined to find the best bottle for breastfed babies.

I scoured the internet searching parenting, birth and mommy forums for moms’ favorite bottles for nursing babies.

I tallied the most popular bottles up, read what moms did and didn’t like about them and listed it all below to help you make the perfect choice for your baby.

Read on to find the best bottle for your breastfed baby.

Bottles for breastfed babies

Helpful Tips To Consider Before Buying Baby Bottles

Remember, all babies are different so while some may take any brand of bottle you give them, others will be extremely picky. Here are a few helpful tips to save you time, money, and your sanity:

  • Don’t buy an entire set of bottles before trying them with your baby. Purchase 1 or 2 bottles, then if your baby gives the green light, order as many as you need.
  • Register for a few different brands of baby bottles and buy them from your registry. Baby registries frequently have a much longer return period (some up to a year), so you don’t have to rush into bottle feeding if you won’t be doing it right away.
  • Piggybacking on the previous tip, if you buy your bottles from your registry after your due date, you may be able to use a 10-15% off completion coupon to save money on baby products.
  • If you’re worried about your baby rejecting your breast after bottle feeding, start with slow flow nipples or even preemie nipples.
  • Make sure the breastmilk or formula is the right temperature for your baby. Several moms thought their baby was very fussy with the type of bottle, but it turns out it was actually the temperature of the milk that most affected whether their baby drank from the bottle.

These Are The Best Bottles For Nursing Babies

closeup of baby drinking a bottle

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Avent Natural BPA Free Bottles


  • Minimal to no leaking of milk
  • Affordable
  • Easy to find in stores


  • Wide nipple base (could be a pro for some babies depending on preference and mouth size)
  • The formula can shoot out if you shake it inside the bottle

First Years Breastflow Bottle


  • Simulates breastfeeding by requiring a good latch, compression, and suction to get the milk (via the double nipple design)
  • Allows babies to control the flow, so they don’t gag or choke as easily
  • Great choice for moms who worry about babies rejecting their breasts after bottle feeding


  • Double nipple design can be more difficult to clean and maintain
  • The bottle can leak if both nipples are not emptied completely
  • The top nipple can collapse if there’s too much suction

Comotomo Natural Baby Bottle


  • Nipple and base are made of medical grade silicone (no BPA, PVC, or phthalates)
  • Soft and wide nipple mimics mother’s breast more closely and prevents rejection of breast
  • Dual air vents help prevent gas and colic


  • Silicone design makes heating up milk take longer than other materials
  • Silicone bottle body falls easily if it’s not a hard, flat surface
  • More expensive than other comparable bottles

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottle

3 Dr. Brown baby bottles


  • Great for babies who suffer from colic, gas or reflux (the bottle design directs air to the bottom of the bottle so baby doesn’t swallow it)
  • Prevents nipple collapse from forceful feeders
  • Prevents oxidation of breastmilk so vitamins stay intact


  • Several small, extra pieces to clean because of positive-pressure feeding system
  • Can be prone to leak if you don’t “burp” the lid after the milk is warmed
  • Smaller nipple size may affect latching

Lansinoh Momma Bottle


  •  Soft, flexible nipple with texture mimics breast for seamless transitioning
  •  Compatible with Lansinoh breast pumps
  •  Air ventilation systems help with colic, gas, and reflux


  •  Hard to read markings on the side of the bottles
  •  Air vents sometimes make loud noises while feeding

Mam Anti-Colic Bottle


  • Air vents in the bottom of the bottle reduce air swallowed
  • Easily sterilize bottle in the microwave
  • Ultra-soft, silicone nipple mimics breast


  • Prone to leak if  all pieces are not screwed back together tightly
  • Some babies experienced more gassiness due to small air leaks

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Bottle

three tommee tippee baby bottles


  • Flexibility and texture of nipple makes it easy for baby’s to latch on
  • Wide, short nipple is easy to clean


  • Can leak during feeding if your baby is an aggressive feeder
  • Can be difficult to get the last bit of milk out of the bottle

When we bottle fed my boys, we ended up loving the Dr. Brown’s natural flow bottle (in glass).

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Sunday 21st of January 2018

Hi! Two questions.. 1. So were you feeding pumped BM to your LO via bottle? 2. Why were you using bottles for BF baby?

Thanks :)

Sam T

Monday 22nd of January 2018

Hi Amelia! The answer to both those questions is that I pumped BM so that when I needed to be away from my baby I could still have my husband or grandma give him breastmilk instead of formula.

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