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2024 New Year’s Eve Worksheets For Kids [Free Printables]

Celebrating the start of a brand new year is a special time, and there’s no better way to do it than by ringing in the New Year with your kids!

But let’s face it – they can be quite hard to entertain – that’s why our New Year’s Eve worksheets are the perfect solution. They provide the perfect activity to keep their minds stimulated and keep them busy for hours on end!

From a letter worksheet to finishing all the New Year’s Eve patterns, your children will have plenty of fun in store as they help celebrate the beginning of a brand-new year!

And, if you want more fun and educational ideas for your young learners, check out our preschool worksheets for lots more printables!

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We are sure your kids will love completing these printable worksheets to help ring in the new year!

Letter Worksheet

New Year's Eve letter worksheet

Any parent looking to help their children practice with letters, while adding in some extra fun, should immediately grab this worksheet!

Instead of dull pencils and paper, kids can get creative with markers or crayons and draw through the maze.

Even better is that you can laminate it or put it into a plastic sleeve – then use edible markers like cereal (mmm!) or dry erase markers which even the youngest of kids can enjoy.

Not only will this help younger students to develop their fine motor skills and recognize letters faster, but it offers an outlet for focus and concentration too!

Pattern Worksheet

New Year's Eve pattern worksheet

Who doesn’t love a good pattern worksheet? They are fun, they help kids practice their scissor skills, and they encourage them to use the right amount of glue when it comes to putting the puzzle pieces together!

But more than that, pattern recognition worksheets allow young minds to hone their observation and analytical skills. Not only do kids have to be able to recognize patterns that are given to them, but they also have to be able to create them themselves.

So when kids are working on this pattern worksheet, there’s more going on than meets the eye!

Handwriting Worksheet

New Year's Eve alphabet worksheet

Handwriting practice is an essential element of a child’s learning journey, but it doesn’t have to be boring!

This handwriting page is a valuable resource and is designed with learning in mind – strengthening hand-eye coordination as kids practice forming letters and spelling the word “clock.”

To make this worksheet last even longer, we suggest laminating the page so it can be repeatedly written on.

Your little ones are sure to love this exciting way of learning letters and words in a fun, engaging way. So don’t wait – get this handwriting page and add it to your lesson plans to celebrate the upcoming year!

NYE Ideas For Kids

New Year’s Eve is a night for celebration, New Year resolutions, and positive change and no one should have to miss out – especially the kids! It’s easy for parents to find plenty of fun activities to keep the kids busy and having a blast this NYE.

There are ready-to-go activities, like coloring pages and worksheets or noisemaker crafts that tap into every kid’s natural enthusiasm for creativity. Throw on some tunes, reflect on the past year, and let the good times roll this New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve Books For Kids

What a fantastic way to bring in the New Year – curling up and reading books with your kids! Who wouldn’t want to spend that time in such a cozy manner?

This way, your kids can simultaneously learn, get inspired, and become excited about new possibilities heading into the next year.

Below are some fun New Year’s Eve books for kids.

Squirrel’s New Years’ Resolution – It’s the beginning of a new year and squirrel is determined to find a new years resolution. By helping her friends find their own New Year’s resolutions, she finds that being a helpful friend and neighbor is the best new years resolution for herself.

The Lucky Grapes: A New Year’s Eve Story – Rafa needs to eat a lucky grape at each hour chime before the clock strikes midnight to bring him luck in the coming year! Can he stay up until midnight? You’ll have to read the book and find out for yourself.

The Night Before New Year’s – Inspired by their younger child who asks to stay up until midnight, this family is determined to ring in the new year together by decorating the house, celebrating with cupcakes, and creating resolutions!

New Years’ Eve Craft Ideas

Doing crafts is a great way for kids to strengthen their creative problem-solving skills, enjoy independent work, develop new skills, and even make lasting keepsakes. Not only are crafts fun – with sparkly glitter, googly eyes, and all the colors of the rainbow – but they also help develop and enhance fine motor skills. Try out some of these fun NYE crafts for kids as you reflect on the previous year:

NYE Noisemaker Craft: Bring in the New Year with an extra jingle on each step! Kids of all ages will love this easy, no-fuss New Year’s craft that will bring their holiday celebrations to life.

All they need is a few supplies: popsicle sticks, bells, and glue to craft their own personalized NYE noisemaker. Whether your little ones like shaking their creation in a festive parade or ringing it when they hear the clock strike midnight, these jingly tools will certainly add some sparkle to their night!

Fireworks Craft For Kids: What screams New Year’s Eve better than fireworks? Nothing! Get the little ones involved in a fun NYE project where you make this paper fireworks craft with black paper, glitter, and some glue.

New Year's Eve worksheets image collage

Kids’ NYE Activities

Ringing in the New Year can be an great time for kids, but it can also be overwhelming and filled with anticipation. Keeping the kiddos entertained is essential and one of the easiest ways to do this is with free printable New Years Eve coloring pages.

These Happy New Year coloring pages allow kids to stay focused on something tangible, encouraging them to explore their creativity and express themselves artistically in a fun way. Not only is this entertaining, but each fun coloring page is also great for developing fine motor skills – allowing parents to enjoy ringing in the New Year without chaos!

collage of NYE coloring pages

Get your little ones ready to jingle those bells with these New Year’s Eve preschool printables! These printable activities provide the best way to get your kids excited for the New Year celebration while also giving them valuable hands-on experience.

With fun activities designed to target fine motor skills, handwriting, beginning sounds practice, math skills, and more, these printable New Year’s worksheets are the perfect way to help your budding stars become New Year’s Eve wizards in no time!

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Free NYE Worksheets

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