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Octopus Cutting Activity Pages For Kids [Free Printable]

This summer help your kids be a cut above the rest with some scissor practice. Cutting with scissors is a great way to help kids with important developmental skills.

They gain hand strength, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination that will help them in everyday tasks like writing or getting dressed.

For a fun way for kids to practice using their scissors, try our octopus cutting activity pages. These pages are an entertaining way for kids to stay engaged as they go through activities that will have them counting, matching, and mastering their scissors. 

These octopus worksheets are a great addition to any ocean-themed study, so be sure to download and print them to use for some fun learning. 

For even more fun to go along with these activity pages, be sure to check out some of our ocean crafts for kids.

Octopus cutting practice worksheets cover image

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Octopus Scissor Worksheets

In this free printable set, we’ve included the following:

  • Cut Along the Line Worksheets (2)
  • Finish the Picture Cutting Worksheet
  • Counting Worksheet

Up first are the cut along the lines worksheets. Kids will cut along each dashed line to reach the colorful octopus at the end.

The lines get progressively harder as kids make their way down the page. For some additional fine motor practice, you can get them to trace the lines before cutting them.

On the second sheet, there’s a large curvy line for the kids to cut following the path to the octopus. When kids use their scissors to cut along the lines, they’re able to develop coordination and control as well as hand strength.

octopus cutting practice worksheet

Next up is the matching sheet where kids will match up the bottoms of each octopus with its corresponding top. They’ll use their problem solving and pattern recognition skills to be able to match up the shapes and colors.

On the final page, kids will practice counting and cutting with our number cutting page. On this page, kids will count all the octopus illustrations, then cut and paste the correct number in the square next to them. It’s a great way for them to practice counting, number recognition, and fine motor control.

Each of the cutting activities is a fun and engaging way for kids to practice their scissor skills!

Ocean Of Possibilities Program Ideas

This summer there’s an ocean of possibilities for kids to discover stories, crafts, games, activities, and more that they’ll love. We have lots of ocean themed crafts and activities you will want to incorporate into your child’s summer learning.

So cuddle up with a good book about a cool sea creature then gather some supplies to do a fun craft about them! Check out some awesome ocean ideas below.

Children’s Books About The Ocean

Reading books to your kids has numerous benefits for their development. From a young age, children’s brains are constantly growing and developing, and reading to them helps stimulate language and cognitive skills.

It also helps with their emotional development and can provide a way for them to understand and express their feelings. Additionally, reading together can enhance their creativity and imagination and instill a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

The Snail and the Whale– Julia Donaldson, author of the famous book The Gruffalo, brings kids another fun book about an unlikely set of friends. Snail and Whale have lots of fun together in this colorful book!

Shark Lady– This children’s book is based upon the true story of Eugenie Clark, aka, The Shark Lady. Learn about her love of sharks, her discoveries, and the inspiring message of going after what you want in life.

The Rainbow Fish -This is a classic children’s book with a wonderful message for children. In it, a fish learns to share his favorite possession, his glittery scales, with his friends!

octopus cutting numbers match worksheet

Ocean Crafts For Kids

Crafting is an excellent activity for kids to develop essential skills that will help them in all sorts of daily life. When kids craft, they’re able to sharpen their fine motor skills and work on counting, colors, and shapes!

We have a variety of crafts that will appeal to all sorts of interests! So dive in and find a Summerific craft to make with your kids!

Paper Plate Fish Craft – Kids will have the best time creating their own fish with our free template. They don’t have to stop at just one, they can customize a whole school of fish since this paper plate craft is so easy and fun!

Popsicle Stick Shark Craft – When you see that fin sticking up out of the water, you know to be on the lookout for a shark! We spotted one made out of popsicle sticks! Grab the kids and the supplies for a fun shark craft.

ocean crafts for kids image collage

3D Crab Craft – Kids getting crabby? Pull out a fun craft and bring the beach home. Kids will be amazed at how this crab will look 3D with just some strips of paper! This craft is the good kind of crabby!

Handprint Jellyfish Craft –  For a jellyfish that’s safe to handle, try this one made out of your little one’s handprint! We love handprint crafts because it’s so cool to see what you can make out of them!

Ocean Activities For Kids

These jellyfish cutting activity pages are the perfect summertime activity for kids to practice using scissors! These colorful and cute jellyfish are ready to help kids practice cutting, counting, matching, and more with this free set of printables!

Our friendly shark wants you to know that S is for sharks! Use our free printable shark worksheets to give kids an opportunity to learn more about this amazing sea animal.

They’ll get some handwriting practice on the letter S and practice recognizing the uppercase and lowercase letters in the letter maze. Plus, they’ll label parts of a shark, like their iconic dorsal fin.

octopus image match cutting worksheet

We bring the ocean to you with these ocean animal printables! These worksheets are a great way to keep kids engaged and learning during the summer.

They’re filled with handwriting practice, letter mazes, pattern worksheets, games, and a lot more featuring different ocean animals!

Got kids mesmerized by ocean animals? Here’s a fun way for them to learn about different ones! Print out our ocean animal matching game for an educational activity that’s an ocean of fun.

Kids will discover more sea animals and work on memory, focus, matching, and visual discrimination when they play this match up game.

octopus cut along the line worksheet

Do you have a little one who loves the ocean? We’ve got the perfect activity bundle for them! This giant set of ocean-themed activities is not only fun but educational too. It’s great for young children and can be used at home or in the classroom.

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More Ideas For Kids

Octopus Cutting Activity Pages Template

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