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7 FREE Puppy Party Printables That’ll Make Your Child’s Birthday Perfect

Throw a dog-themed birthday with these puppy party printables which includes free printable puppy birthday party invitations, food labels, cupcake toppers, banners and more! It’s just one of the many kids birthday party ideas available here.

This puppy party printable set is coming to you from the long lost days before I started blogging.

Back when my son was turning three he was head-over-heels for all things dog related.

The only problem was, he’s allergic to dogs.

So since he couldn’t be around real puppies we decided to throw him a dog themed party instead.

And since there was such a great response to my Star Wars party printables I thought I would share these with you as well.

Looking back at the party pictures tugs at my heartstrings! My now almost 6-year-old was so young and still had that cute, chubby baby face. Isn’t it amazing how at moments your kids seem to grow up in the blink of an eye?!

Read on below to see how easy it is to throw a puppy themed party for your child too!

Puppy Party Theme

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free puppy party printables

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Since this party was three years ago I was a little foggy on all the details, but my pictures helped jog my memory.

We decided to invite my family and just a few little kiddos over for the celebration to keep it manageable.

I created a TON of printables for this party (because, why not? it’s so fun!).

I went with a color palette that I think would work for both boys and girls since they’re just shades of blue, green and orange. I found these adorable dog silhouette graphics from Snap2Objects and I knew they were perfect for a modern, dog-themed birthday party.

This party pack includes the following items:

  • 2 sizes of invitations: 5.5″x5.5″ square or traditional 4″x6″
  • 5 pre-filled food tent cards or blank card to fill in for your own treats
  • Mini cake bunting flags
  • 4″x6″ thank you cards
  • Water bottle labels
  • 2″ cupcake toppers
  • 2 sizes of birthday banners: 16″x20″ or 48″x30″

Puppy Party Supplies

In a rush? 

✅ Compare all the puppy party supplies on one page here. 

With all of these printables, the food table was adorable and perfectly styled.

We also had a second table where the little guests’ thank you gift bags were placed. We called it the “adoption table”. Each child received a stuffed animal dog along with a gable box filled with dog-themed items.

The kids LOVED IT! And I was beyond happy to see that each of them were so excited to receive their party gifts.

Puppy party supplies
  1.  This set of plush dogs are the perfect size (and price) for the adoption party!
  2. These puppy candles look adorable on the top of the birthday cake.
  3. This set of 11 mini dogs are great for inside the party favor bag.
  4. Speaking of the favor bag, this paw print goodie bag fits the puppy party theme perfectly.
  5. This set of 100 dog stickers means you can give each child a ton of adorable stickers.
  6. These 3D doggy balloons would look cute tied to each one of the children’s chairs.
  7. This set of 72 doggy tattoos will give the kids a fun activity to do at the party.

Puppy Birthday Party Activities

I wanted to make sure we had some activities for the kids to do, but I also wanted them to just play around and have fun too. Here’s what we came up with:

  • Coloring pages and crayons: I had these lying around so the kids could color before the party started. If your kids love coloring, be sure to download these free Disney coloring pages, these color by number printables or these Star Wars coloring pages.
  • Peek-a-boo Puppy Game: I bought little puppy die cuts (paw prints like these would also work) and hid them around the house before the kids arrived. Then we told them that there were 30 little puppies playing peek-a-boo and their job was to find them all. The kids were super excited to find all their puppy friends. They ended up playing this game 2-3 times.
  • Puppy Face Painting: So, I have to be honest, this was a total flop with the 3-year-olds. None of them wanted to have their face painted, which was a little sad to me. I’m guessing older kids might like it better.

All in all, the kids had a blast at this party! It’s honestly so fulfilling to see everyone have so much fun. I hope you and your little kiddos can also use these printables and make their birthday extra special!!

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