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Butterfly Activity Sheets For Kids [Free Printable]

The life of a butterfly is pretty amazing! It’s so cool how a caterpillar undergoes metamorphosis to become a winged beauty.

When your kids learn more about this amazing transformation or a unit on insects, be sure to include these butterfly activity sheets!

These worksheets are a fun way to incorporate learning important skills with these cool insects.

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Each activity page will help kids develop skills that will help them in all areas of life. Kids will complete matching shadows, navigating a maze, counting, graphing, and more.

These butterfly pages will keep kids engaged and excited to learn either at home or in the classroom. This set of worksheets is ideal for kids from preschool to kindergarten. 

This activity virtually takes no prep since all you have to do is download and print.

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Butterfly Printables

In this set of printables, you’ll receive the following activity sheets:

  • Shadowing Matching Worksheet
  • Butterfly Maze Worksheet
  • Count and Graph Worksheet
  • Match the Object Worksheet
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Up first on the shadow matching sheet, kids will match the colored images with the matching shadow by studying the shape and outline of each one.

Kids will develop visual discrimination skills which will help them be able to spot differences in shapes and objects that are similar. This skill helps young children learn how to read and recognize the differences in letters.

Next is the butterfly maze where kids will guide the caterpillar through the maze where it will become a butterfly at the end!

This activity is great for kids to use their problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and concentration. Completing mazes also helps kids develop spatial visualization by visualizing the path the caterpillar should take to be a butterfly.

butterfly activity shadow matching

The next sheet is our count and graph worksheet. Kids will color in the graph after counting how many butterflies and caterpillars are in the box. This activity introduces kids to beginner math where they’ll count and graph up to 5 items.

Now onto the final sheet. The match the object worksheet challenges kids to draw a line from the image on one side to its match on the other side of the page.

They’ll need to examine each picture to notice similarities, differences, and details. This activity is a way to develop concentration and notice patterns and characteristics of an object.

Spring Ideas For Kids

Spend time getting crafty this spring! You can help kids get excited to learn by doing crafts and activities with them.

If you’re looking for some fun and easy projects for them to do, we’ve got you covered. Some of our favorite spring ideas are below, so all you have to do is choose the ones your kiddos will be interested in. You’ll find a variety of activities that will help them learn and stay engaged.

Spring Books For Kids

Children are full of curiosity and imagination, and reading books with them is an excellent way to fuel these attributes. Reading aloud to children allows them to learn new words and comprehend different sentence structures, which inevitably improves their communication skills.

Moreover, books are a gateway to endless possibilities and creativity. They can transport children to new worlds or introduce them to exciting characters that ignite their imagination. Overall, reading with your kids is a simple and fun way to enrich their minds and create lifelong memories.

Below are some of our favorite spring books for kids.

Ten Little Ladybugs – This cute book is not only fun to read, but also fun to touch! Kids will want to read this book day after day and it helps them learn to count.

Planting a Rainbow – Kids will have a blast learning about colors and flowers in this colorful and engaging book!

Bee – This peek-through picture book is a fun bedtime book for kids! It’s short and keeps the kids’ attention span.

butterfly activity maze

Spring Crafts For Kids

Crafting has lots of mental and physical benefits for growing kids! This activity is a great way for kids to develop essential skills that will help them in everyday life.

They’re able to hone fine motor skills and improve their problem-solving! Choose from a wide range of crafts that will appeal to all sorts of interests.

Frog Handprint Craft – Your little one’s handprints will help this froggy take a leap! This frog craft is a fun and personalized project they’ll want to jump on!

Ladybug Headband Craft – This cute headband has 2 versions to choose from to do. Kids can make the craft version with colored paper or color in the black and white version. You’ll have a little ladybug flying around in no time!

Spring craft ideas image collage

Sheep Headband Craft – Get the kids together to make this fun headband craft and you’ll have a flock of sheep to tend to! Use the craft version or the color in version to make a cute sheep!

Bee Toilet Paper Roll Craft – This recycled item craft will keep your busy bees happy and entertained! Kids can learn more about bees and have fun crafting with this cute bee!

Spring Activities For Kids

Over in our hive, we have some bee activity sheets your kids will have fun learning with! These pages will guide kids through various tasks that will help them build up their problem solving skills, beginner math skills, and fine motor skills!

Download and print these sheets for an easy to prepare activity!

B is for beautiful butterfly! Use these butterfly worksheets for a fun way for kids to learn about the letter b and these colorful insects!

When kids navigate their way through the letter maze and practice handwriting, they’ll learn to recognize the uppercase and lowercase Bb. These worksheets are great for building beginning literacy while having fun learning.

butterfly activity count and graph

These frog color by number printables are a great way for kids to practice number recognition and fine motor control when they color in each number.

One of our favorite activities is coloring, and these pages challenge kids to recognize numbers and colors to complete the seven frog illustrations. Grab the crayons or markers and these printables for a fun, no-prep activity!

Make using scissors fun with these ladybug cutting practice worksheets! These pages are filled with fun activities that give kids plenty of ways to practice mastering their scissors.

In addition to working on scissor skills, they’ll also practice counting, matching, and fine motor control. These worksheets are a great way for kids to develop coordination and concentration.

butterfly activity match

Spring Fun

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Butterfly Activities Printables

Butterfly Activity Sheets

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