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Butterfly Tracing Worksheets For Kids [Free Printable]

This is a great time for kids to discover all sorts of insects when they play outside. We love this time of year when the flowers are in bloom, and the butterflies are fluttering among them.

When your kids are learning more about these beautiful insects, incorporate these butterfly tracing worksheets into your study so kids can also get some fine motor and handwriting practice in. 

For even more fun and educational activities your kids will love, check out these preschool worksheets.

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This set comes with four different tracing activities that kids will enjoy. They’ll help the butterfly at the top of the sheet get to the bottom by tracing the dotted lines, complete and color in a butterfly picture, and practice their handwriting by tracing the letter B.

These activities are a great way for kids to build pre-writing skills, hand-eye coordination, and focus. They’re easy to prepare since all you need to do is download, print, and grab a pencil and crayons.

Butterfly Printables

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Each of these sheets is a fun way for kids to practice tracing to gain important skills. We’ve included the following worksheets in this free printable set:

  • Line Tracing Practice Worksheets (2)
  • Trace the Butterfly Worksheet
  • Letter Tracing Practice Worksheet

Up first on the line tracing practice worksheets, kids will get the butterfly at the top of the page to the butterflies at the bottom of the page by tracing the dashed lines.

These lines will have them practicing going different directions and making shapes that will help them form letters as they refine their fine motor skills.

Your kids will love the next sheet. It’s the trace the butterfly worksheet where kids will connect the dashed lines to complete the butterfly illustration and then color it in.

butterfly tracing worksheets trace the butterfly

These connect the dots are a great way for kids to develop hand-eye coordination, concentration, and visualization skills.

The last sheet included in this printable set is our letter tracing practice where kids will practice writing uppercase and lowercase Bb’s. This exercise will help children recognize the shape of the letter b and how to form the letter.

Kids will hone their fine motor skills that will strengthen their hand muscles and help them grasp a pencil which will improve their handwriting skills. To finish off this page, kids will love to color the butterfly showing off their creativity!

Insect Ideas For Kids

Have the kids learn more about insects with some crafts and activities featuring our six-legged friends. We have several ideas to get you started, so you can spend less time planning and more time with the kids creating!

Check out some cool insect project ideas below.

Insect Books For Kids

Whenever we introduce a new theme or if we want to go deeper into it, we always start with children’s books! They’re an easy way to fill time and help kids learn to read or develop their vocabulary. Below are some of our favorite insect books for kids!

The Very Quiet Cricket– Everyone loves Eric Carle and this book is just as good as all his others! In it, a cricket is trying to discover how to make a sound, but when he rubs his legs together nothing happens. Follow him on his journey to find his very own sound! Kids love the ending where he and your child can hear the chirping!

Bugs A to Z is a great introductory insect book for kids. It’s great for kids to browse through and look at pictures and to find a short snippet about each bug.

Ten Little Ladybugs – This cute book is not only fun to read, but also fun to touch! Kids will want to read this book day after day and it helps them learn to count.

butterfly tracing worksheets line tracing

Insect Crafts For Kids

Get the kids excited to learn by incorporating some fun crafts into their day. Crafting is a great way for them to gain necessary skills, learn, and be creative all at the same time. Every step of a craft helps kids hone their fine motor skills, critical thinking, and focus. Try some of these awesome insect crafts with your kiddos:

Bumble Bee Headband Craft – Your busy bees will be buzzing around in no time when they make their new headbands. It’s a fun craft for kids to learn more about these pollinators and use their imaginations with pretend play!

Ladybug Toilet Paper Roll Craft – Turn a plain ol’ cardboard tube into a cute ladybug! This amazing spotted insect will be a fun craft for the kids to make by recycling something everyone has in their home. Grab the free template to get started.

insect craft ideas image collage

Paper Plate Ladybug Craft – Your little artists will brandish their paintbrushes and create a cheerful ladybug complete with spots with this fun craft! We love using paper plates as a canvas for fun crafts. Check out the tutorial and get to crafting with your kids.

Butterfly Stick Puppet – Encourage play time with this fun craft. It’s a good opportunity for kids to learn about these winged beauties and use their imaginations when they use their new puppets.

This simple craft comes together really easily, especially with our free template. 

Insect Activities For Kids

Incorporate some cool bugs and insects into learning valuable skills with these preschool bug activities. These fun pages are a great way for kids to work on memory, patterns, handwriting, and more.

This printable set is filled with 19 pages that will be entertaining, interactive, and beneficial for your bug loving preschoolers.

Get your kids busy as bees with these bee activity sheets! Your busy bees will buzz through different tasks like shadow matching, navigating a maze, counting, graphing, and more to help develop essential skills like problem-solving, basic math skills, and fine motor skills.

They’ll be excited to learn with these free printable worksheets.

butterfly tracing worksheets letter tracing

Use these butterfly color by number for a way for kids to learn through play! Kids love the relaxing activity of coloring, and these pages incorporate a little number recognition in there by implementing a color key for each number. As they color in each number, they’ll be excited to reveal 3 unique butterfly illustrations.

butterfly tracing worksheets line tracing

For a fun way for kids to use their scissors, print out our ladybug cutting practice worksheets. Kids will follow along with the lucky ladybugs for some intentional practice using scissors while completing fun activities.

As kids develop the small muscles in their hands, they’ll be better able to open and close the scissors to more precisely cut, so give them a fun way to practice with these worksheets!

Spring Fun

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Butterfly Tracing Worksheets

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