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This Christian Easter Artwork Won’t Remind You Of The 70’s

Inside: Decorate your home for the Easter season with this free printable Christian Easter artwork

I have some things I just refuse talk about with most people.

Politics and vaccines are at the top of my short list.

It’s pretty much inevitable if you bring those two things up in a casual conversation you’ll end up wanting to gingerly smother said person with a pillow while they sleep.

And then leave them a detailed note that explains exactly why they should be on your side of the argument.

One thing that almost makes the list for me is religious art. I shudder even thinking about it. It’s as if all the religious artists in the world met in secret. They had some appetizers, sipped on some 7up (they’re very classy people) and decided no one could make new art after 1970.

Let’s just see how long they’ll use the old, out-dated stuff, they said.

Then, somewhere along the way, everyone just accepted Christian art to boring, antiquated and soooo, soooo traditional!

Which is why I don’t have much of it hanging on the walls of my own home.

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Time For A Change (AKA Welcome To The Era Of Modern Easter Artwork)

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But with Easter coming, I decided to take matters into my own hand. To help spread awareness of the true meaning of Easter and the #PrinceofPeace campaign, I’ve created this modern Christian Easter art.

I searched high and low for an amazing photograph that embodied the feeling of Easter. I chose this beautiful one by Henry Be.

The bright flowers hint at springtime and the slightly muted and rustic feel of the photo really make it stand out. It’s serene. It’s simple.

I totally think this print would fit into several different decorating styles, but I made it with a minimal vibe in mind.

It’s formatted as a 16″x20″, but if you don’t want it that big you could also print it as an 8″x10.

Whatever size you print it, just stop feeling guilty about not having faith related art in your house and download it now. And if you really want to get up on your wall in no time flat, just let Framebridge do all the work for you!

christian easter art | free printables | holiday decor

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.