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10 Fun Easter Activities For Kids

Celebrate the Easter season and bring the family together with these fun printable Easter activities for kids. These are part of the ultimate printable activities for kids collection

We love holidays in our home, so naturally, the fall/winter time is our favorite time of year.

First, we celebrate our boys’ birthdays (in September & October), then we have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

By the time Jan 2nd comes around, we’re always a little bummed out that there are no more holidays to celebrate.

This is why when spring finally arrives, we love to really celebrate! This Easter activity pack is loaded with tons of fun Easter games, printables, and crafts.

Awesome Easter Activities For Kids

Easter Bingo

Printable Easter Bingo | Kids will have so much fun using these cute bingo cards with bunnies, eggs, spring animals and more.

Bingo is a staple game we play around here for pretty much all holidays. This Easter printable pack includes 8 unique bingo cards and matching calling cards.

Easter Cootie Catcher

Easter crafts for kids | Easter cootie catcher

The kids had so much fun with the Christmas cootie catcher that I had to make one for Easter as well. This one has jokes on the inside instead of conversation starters.

Pin The Ears On The Easter Bunny Game

Easter games for kids | Pin the ears on the bunny game

If you’re having an Easter get together with kids, this definitely game will be a hit! It’s a little twist on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game.

The poster is sized as a 16″x20″. I always print posters at Costco because they’re inexpensive and print true to color. The bunny ears can be printed at home on 8.5″x11″ cardstock.

Printable Easter Placemat

Easter Placemat | Entertain the kids at the dinner table with these fun Easter activity placemats. #easter #kids

Another great way to keep kids occupied while the grown-ups chat at the dinner table are these fun Easter activity placemats.

They’re sized as an 11″x17″ ledger paper. You can print these at any local office supply store and they’re pretty inexpensive (I think mine were about $1.50 per placemat) since they’re all black and white.

Easter Lunch Box Notes

Easter Lunch Notes For Kids | Give your child a fun lunchbox surprise with these cute lunch notes for Easter featuring bunnies, sheep, chicks and more!

Lunch notes, like these colorful Easter notes, are a fun surprise to put in your child’s lunch for the days leading up to Easter.

Easter Egg Coupons

Easter Egg Coupons | Ditch the candy and fill those Easter eggs with fun Easter egg coupons. You can even write in some of your own to customize them!

Do you rack your brain every year trying to come up with some non-candy, non-junky things to put into your kids’ Easter eggs?

Consider that a problem of your past when you use these Easter egg coupons. There are 12 premade coupons your kids can collect any time they want.

Plus, there are 3 blank eggs where you can write your own coupons on as well!

Easter Coloring Pages

Cute Easter coloring pages for kids | Easter printables for kids

No matter what age you are, coloring is always an activity that’s relaxing and fun. This Easter printable set contains 3 different coloring pages that are great for little and big kids alike.

Easter Don’t Eat Pete Game

Easter Don't Eat Pete Printable Game | Printables For Kids

Don’t Eat Pete is another classic holiday game we play all the time.

If you’ve never played, the idea is simple. You’ll need some sort of edible markers (m&ms, marshmallows, etc) to cover every spot on the board.

The object of the game is for the person who is “it” to avoid eating Pete so he can eat as much candy as possible. The person chosen to be “it” will leave the room.

While he is gone, all the other players determine which space will be Pete. Then, the “it” person returns, and starts, one at a time, eating the candy off of the spots. When he goes to eat the candy from Pete’s spot, all the other players yell, “Don’t Eat Pete” and that person’s turn ends.

Play as many times as you want. If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll never want to stop playing!

Bunny Headband

easter crafts for kids | bunny headband

These adorable little Easter bunny headbands are perfect for little kids.

They’re available in blue or pink and are super easy to put together. Simply print on thick, white cardstock and cut along the outlines.

Use glue dots, staples or tape to create a headband loop big enough for your child’s head, then secure the bunny ears to the inside, back of the headband.

Free Printable Easter I Spy

Free Printable Easter I Spy Game | Easter activities for kids

I Spy is not only fun, but it’s also a great way to get kids to focus, count and improve memory. Not to mention a great way for you to get a tiny bit of quiet time 🙂

Enter your email via the form below and I’ll send both Easter I Spy printables directly to your inbox.

With all these awesome activities to celebrate Easter, I’m sure your children will also love this Easter activity pack!

What’s your favorite Easter activity for kids? Let me know in the comments below. 

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Sam T

Monday 6th of April 2020

Just checking in to make sure you got it all squared away. If not, please let me know. Thanks :)

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