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DIY Star Wars Easter Eggs For Kids [Free Printable]

Can we just talk for a minute about how annoying Easter eggs are? Ugh…

Picture yourself on Pinterest:

You find the most stunning picture of “kid friendly” Easter eggs and you think to yourself, “self, this is the year we’ll make some beautiful Easter eggs as a family.”

But then reality hits.

You’re sitting in the kitchen with 5 bowls of neon dye trying to keep an eye on your kids’ every movement. 

Skip the dye this year and paint them instead when you make these Star Wars Easter eggs!

They’re the newest addition to our collection of easy Easter crafts for kids and there’s no worry about messy dye.

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One’s got that flimsy, good for nothing wire egg dipper submerged in a bowl to the point where the dye is spilling over the sides while the other one is trying to drink from the glass of green dye because he’s sure it’s the newest super fruit drink on the market.

All you can see is little-dyed fingers, stained counters, and tiny tablets effervescing everywhere.

Meanwhile, Dad has unknowingly disappeared and you realize your two hands aren’t nearly enough to keep the dyed mania in check.

Star Wars Kids Activity | Easter Crafts

Plus, the dye is never as strong as it claims to be. 

The box says dip each egg for 2 minutes when in reality you’re letting it sit in there for 15 minutes a piece. Which makes dying Easter eggs a 3-hour project instead of the quick 10-minute deal that you initially thought it would be.

And what about that one colored dye?

There’s always that one color that just doesn’t stick to the egg no matter how long it sits in the glass.  Isn’t there some kind of quality control with these companies? Wouldn’t they know the purple color never sticks to the eggs?!

But guess what, you’re not done yet!

Now that all the eggs (minus the weird purple-repellant ones) are finally dyed, they need to dry. And how the heck are you supposed to let them dry without getting fingerprints or lines on them from the wire cooling rack? 

It’s a scientific certainty that your Easter eggs won’t turn out how you imagined.

Those are just some of the reason why I’ve only dyed eggs with my kids once in the last 7 years. I mean come on, just thinking about it makes me exhausted!!

The Fool-Proof Way To Killer Star Wars Easter Eggs

Easter crafts | printables for kids

But since I don’t want to win the worst mom of the year award, I figured I’d give it another shot this year. This time I’m trying to simplify things with these Star Wars Easter eggs.

Instead of trying to hand draw the intricate details of every droid on with a fine point brush pen while your toddler is running circles around you and your 1st grader is listing off all the levels he’s beaten on Angry Birds for 20 minutes (oh, wait, that’s just my kids?), all you have to do is print them out and glue them on.

Now I know what you’re thinking: 

How are you going to tape a flat piece of paper onto a round surface? Won’t there be a ton of wrinkles or hours of smoothing or some sort of voodoo to get it looking good?

Nope, because we’re doing it the easy way.

There are just two pieces for each Star Wars character.

You simply wrap the bottom piece around the egg so it’s snugly sitting in there without a care in the world.

And the top piece? All you need to do is press it on there with a glue dot.

No cutting slits. No smoothing. No wrinkles. No yanking your hair out because you can’t complete a craft geared towards 7-year-old kids. 

Star Wars Easter Eggs

Supplies Needed


  1. Print out each Star Wars character and cut out the faces along with the rectangular bases.
  2. Paint one egg an olive green color for Yoda, one a yellow gold color for C3P0, and one a gray color for R2D2.
  3. Use tape or glue dots to affix the faces of the Star Wars characters to the egg.
  4. Wrap the rectangular base around the egg’s bottom so it sits nested inside it. Tape or use a glue dot to secure.
Easy Easter Eggs | Free Printables

Don’t forget to grab a nice chocolate bar to treat yourself for a job well done.

I always do.

Because heaven knows I still haven’t received the Mother of the Year trophy yet (which undoubtedly comes filled with the finest chocolate. and a magical pill to silence children for several hours minutes.)

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