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Father’s Day Gift Idea And Printable- Dad, You’re The Balm

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This gift idea for Father’s Day is spot on for one of the largest trends in the men’s sphere in the last few years:


Yes, anywhere you look you see how beards, mustaches, or any facial hair in general, is a trending topic with men.

We’ve seen an increase in the number of men who do No Shave November or Movember every year and we’ve even seen article after article of how facial hair actually makes men healthier!

Well, it’s time to capitalize on this trendy topic and have your kids make Dad the most adorable gift yet.

And it’s insanely easy.

Just see for yourself:




I almost feel a bit silly posting directions because it’s so simple, but for those who love them, read on below.



  1. Print out the free beard printable on card stock
  2. Using scissors, cut around the outline of the circle.
  3. Use double sided tape and stick to the top of the beard balm container.
  4. Use double sided tape or glue dots to secure the base of the beard balm to the printable card.

NOTE: The beard printable is formatted to fit the specific beard balm tin in the link. It measures approximately 2.125″.



And that’s it! Can you believe how fast and easy this gift idea is? I hope you can surprise the lucky Dad in your life with this beard balm gift idea!

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