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Printable Dinosaur Coloring Pages For Kids

Are you children or students in love with dinosaurs?

My boys certainly are and we can’t seem to make dinosaur activities fast enough to satisfy them!

In the past, we’ve done several crafts and activities like dinosaur handprint art or dinosaur tangram puzzle mats.

Today though, we have something new for your little ones that are both fun AND educational: these printable coloring pages!

Use these printable dinosaur coloring pages for kids to keep them entertained and learning! They’re the newest addition to our coloring pages for kids.

They will keep kids entertained while they learn about some of their favorite prehistoric creatures – check out our newest addition below!

Also, be sure to check out all of our dinosaur activities for more ideas.

Dinosaur Coloring Pages

dinosaur coloring page image collage with the words 12 awesome dinosaur coloring pages

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If you don’t already know, we love coloring at our house.

We’ve made tons of coloring pages from these space coloring pages to these unicorn coloring pages to these Disney coloring pages and there are so many more!!!

green and yellow pterodactyl coloring page

Coloring is just such an easy way to keep the kids away from the screens, engage their creativity, and work on necessary skills like fine motor development.

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pink and purple triceratops coloring page

Inside this printable dinosaur coloring page pack, we’ve included 12 unique dinosaurs each with its own page and name written below for kids to color in.

green and yellow corythorosaurus coloring page

The great thing about these coloring pages is they can be used from toddlers to kindergarten and even elementary-aged students.

Young toddlers will have fun scribbling in these cute dinosaurs while kindergarten kids will start recognizing the more popular dinosaurs.

coloring page of a plesiosaurus

As children get older, they can learn more about each dinosaur and what it looked like so they can color in these sheets just like the real ones!

You can purchase the entire set below and download them instantly!

If you’d like to try them out first, you can also get two sample pages by entering your email in the form at the bottom of this post.

I’m certain both boys and girls will love using these dino coloring pages!

Dinosaur Unit For Kids

Want to create a whole dinosaur-themed unit around these coloring pages? If so, keep reading below for our simple and fun ideas.

Reading aloud to kids is beneficial because it helps them learn new words, practice their reading skills, and improves cognitive development. All of these are reasons why we recommend starting every new unit with books!

Never Let A Dinosaur Scribble! – A little boy heard people say, “Never let a dinosaur scribble!” but he just couldn’t help himself. He gives his dinosaur a crayon and lets the dinosaur go. What will happen?! Kids will be waiting on pins and needles to see the ending.

How To Catch A Dinosaur – If your kids are into STEAM activities, they’ll love this book that has the same group of kids trying to create crazy contraptions to catch a dinosaur!

Tiny T. Rex And The Impossible Hug – Not only does this book have adorable illustrations, but it’s also a great book to help kids learn kindness!

tree and gallimimus coloring page for kids

Crafting is a good way for kids to let out their creativity and use their hands. It can help teach kids skills like counting, matching colors, following steps, and more! Add in some craft time with these easy ideas:

Keep your kids busy with these dinosaur pattern block mats. These are a great way to help your child develop fine motor skills and a great introductory STEM activity.

These dinosaur I spy printables are just what all kids will enjoy. Your little ones will love these bright and colorful printables that help develop visual discrimination skills while also building their memory recall. They’re perfect for any occasion!

Play a match game with your little ones and have fun! This printable dinosaur memory game is great for preschoolers. Match the dinosaurs by turning over cards to find matching pairs. The first one to get all of their cards wins!

More Fun Dinosaur Ideas

Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages

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