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Elephant Worksheets For Kids [Free Printables]

Do your kids love learning about wild animals? After all, there are so many fascinating creatures to discover!

Our elephant worksheets are great for kids who want to explore the magical world of elephants. From handwriting practice to letter mazes and reading comprehension, these pages are perfect for home or classroom use.

With cute illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions, these worksheets are sure to capture your child’s attention.

Print them out today, and get ready to explore the wild world of elephants!

Don’t forget to check out our other engaging preschool worksheets! Including counting, coloring, and matching games, your kids will have fun while learning more about the world around them.

Free Elephant Printables

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In this set of fun printables, you’ll receive the following:

  • ‘Ee’ is for elephant handwriting practice
  • Label the elephant worksheet
  • ‘Ee’ is for elephant letter maze

Elephant Handwriting Practice Page

Help your kids practice their handwriting with this fun printable. With a sweet elephant image and ‘Ee’ for elephant tracing practice, your little ones will love learning their letters.

This is also a great activity for your kids to improve their fine motor skills and reading comprehension!

Label the Elephant Worksheet

Do your kids know the different parts of an elephant? With this worksheet, they can learn all about these friendly giants while having fun. They’ll get to label the trunk, tail, and more by cutting and pasting the corresponding labels.

Once your little learners correctly label each part, they can color in the cute elephant illustration!

label the elephant body parts

‘Ee’ is for Elephant Letter Maze

This delightful maze worksheet will challenge your kids to practice their letters and directional skills. They must locate all capital and lowercase ‘Ee’ letters in the maze and work their way to the end. Our elephant letter maze page is a super fun, no-prep activity for your preschoolers to enjoy!

More Fun Ideas For Kids

Zoo Animal Ideas

We love making education fun and inspiring for your little ones! If you’re looking for more animal ideas, don’t miss our other adorable activities. From creature crafts to playful printables, your kids can learn in engaging and creative ways.

Keep reading to discover some of our favorite animal ideas for kids!

Zoo Animal Kids’ Books

The Fascinating Animal Book For Kids is a great book for curious kiddos! Find facts on almost any animal your child is learning about. This is a great resource to have in your home library collection.

The View At The Zoo is a silly book about all the animals at the zoo. When the people come to take a look at the animals, they see all sorts of sights! But, there’s a twist to this book that you have to read for yourself and laugh about!

Giraffes Can’t Dance is a sweet and fun book about Gerald the Giraffe. He can’t dance, but doesn’t stop trying! He finally finds his own rhythm when he meets an unlikely friend.

elephant letter maze

Zoo Animal Crafts for Kids

Elephant Paper Cup Craft – Your little explorers are going to love our elephant paper cup craft! It’s the perfect way to get creative and make a cute elephant friend with your little ones. Our free printable template makes it easy for your kids to get started!

Zebra Paper Bag Puppet Craft – What’s stripey and super fun to make? Our zebra puppet craft! Follow our step-by-step instructions and turn a simple paper bag into an adorable zebra puppet. Then, your kids can use their puppets to create stories and play pretend!

collage image of animal crafts

Lion Headband Craft – Transform your cubs into majestic lions with this easy craft! They’ll need construction paper, scissors, and glue to create our eye-catching headband. Kids of all ages will think this lion craft is grrreat!

Peacock Handprint Craft – Let your kids spread their wings and soar with this peacock handprint craft. Simply trace your little one’s hand and cut it out to make the colorful peacock feathers. Your kids will love showing off their beautiful handiwork by sharing it with their friends!

Zoo Animal Kids’ Activities

Add the fun to your next learning session with our animal color by numbers. Kids can use their problem-solving skills to follow the instructions and complete the adorable pictures. They’ll work on their counting, coloring, and number recognition abilities as they finish each picture!

Our complete set of zoo animal worksheets will keep your kids engaged and learning! With cutting practice, basic math exercises, and reading comprehension activities, these worksheets are perfect for your little learners. Who knew education could be so much fun?!

elephant handwriting worksheet

Do a dots are one of our favorite learning activities! With our set of animal do a dot printables, kids will practice their counting, letters, and hand-eye coordination in a unique way. Your little ones will have the best time completing the cute animal puzzles and illustrations.

Have your kiddos work on their color recognition with this engaging elephant printable book. They must color in each elephant with the corresponding color and then complete the handwriting practice on each page. Pop this book into your kid’s busy bag, and you’re ready to go!

three different printable elephant worksheet

Ideas For Kids

Free Printable Elephant Worksheets

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