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Pre K Color By Number Printables For Kids

Today we’re sharing these pre k color by number sheets for young kids to have fun and learn!

Around our house, color-by-number worksheets are one of our favorite ways to keep little ones entertained while doing something educational.

They’re super simple to download, print, and get ready. All it takes is literally a few minutes and you can have a fun activity ready for your child!

In the past, we’ve made some color by number sheets geared towards older children, but today we’re sharing some that are perfect for eager little learners in pre k.

Read on below to see how to use these printables with your children.

Pre K Color By Number Worksheets

pre k color by number worksheets with crayola c

Pre k kids will giggle at these cute little color by number worksheets. They’re a fun hidden picture activity that’ll keep your kids engaged and learning!

Tips For Pre Readers

If you’re using these worksheets with kids who can’t read yet, there’s a simple tip to allowing your child to do this worksheet on their own. After you’ve printed off the page they’ll be working on, just separate out the crayons they need and color each crayon in with the appropriate color.

This way, your child doesn’t have to ask you each time they move onto another number. Now they just look at the crayon, see the color green, move their finger across and see it equals number two.

In order to encourage learning sight words, you can color the crayon keys in with your child then show them the word. Tell them a color, then have them point to the correct word. Over time, this pairing repetition can help them learn what each word is.

Benefits Of Color by Number Printables

Often as parents, we turn to coloring pages because they’re a quick, cheap and easy activity to keep kids occupied but they really have so many benefits for kids!

First, they’re great for working on fine motor skills. Those little hand muscles have to hold on tightly to the crayons, which increases their strength. Coloring is also a great time to have kids learn the proper way to hold pen, pencils, and crayons.

easy kids color by number worksheets

Color by number worksheets also help kids with introductory math concepts, like number recognition. In order to color each section, the child must be able to recognize the number at the bottom of the page, then find each corresponding space in the coloring sheet with that number.

These worksheets also help children increase their focus and perseverance. It takes several minutes for kids to color the entire picture.

Finally, another benefit of color by number printables centers around color theory. Children will not only learn to recognize primary colors but also secondary colors. They’ll also see what happens if they mix colors on the page.

Ways To Use These Coloring Pages

We love color by number coloring sheets because of all the fun ways you can use them!

Of course the simplest and most common is to print out on standard paper and let your child color them in with crayons. This is best when you need a last minute activity to keep your child entertain.

Another way you can use these coloring pages is to print out on heavy white card stock or art paper. Then, instead of coloring, let your child have a fun paint by number! Tempera paint works best for this type of application.

These printables also work great with markers, oil pastels and colored pencils.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.