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How To Create An ENTIRE Ikea Nursery & Make It Look Awesome Too

Lately, Ikea and I have been having a real thing going on.

Yeah, they’ve always carried some solid and stylish choices, but usually, there’s a lot of aimless wandering around the store until you find that one perfect piece. And by that time, you’ve forgotten why you wanted it, how long you’ve been walking and you first born’s middle name.

It’s no bueno.

But recently Ikea has become like Rachael Leigh Cook from She’s All That (Am I dating myself here or what?!).

She’s was total wallflower that looks bland and generic; always in the shadows and never stepping into the limelight.

Until now that is.

Now, everywhere I look on Pinterest Ikea is popping up over and over again. Yep, that nerdy wallflower has become the star of the show. Suddenly everyone is realizing just how freaking awesome she is and they’re all fawning over her left and right.

And so am I.

In fact, there’s been so many amazing designs coming out from Ikea that had to create this modern, eclectic Ikea nursery.

What I love most about this nursery is the part boho, part California vibes it’s got going on. All the natural materials from the crib to the mirror, to the lamps and storage, give it a laid back, earthy style.

Meanwhile, the black accents in the rug, lamp, and dresser hardware make a modern statement and contrast the wood perfectly. Add in some pops of color and some faux plants and you have yourself a peaceful, stylish little oasis.

Create a chic & eclectic nursery that any baby would love with items ALL from Ikea! This Ikea nursery is calming & filled with wonderful natural accents.

Modern Eclectic Ikea Nursery

  1. Ranarp Pendant Lamp
  2. Premiar Wave Art
  3. Stockholm Mirror
  4. Sanela Cushion
  5. Sniglar Crib
  6. Hansakogg Table Lamp
  7. Stockholm Rug
  8. Fladis Basket
  9. Fejka Potted Plant
  10. Guinea Chestnut Plant
  11. Poang Rocking Chair
  12. Hemnes 8-Drawer Dresser
  13. Alseda Stool
  14. Skogsklocka Throw

What do you think? Does this nursery have you second guessing Ikea? Let me know in the comments below. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.