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Knuffle Bunny Book Craft For Kids (Free Template)

Do you remember the joy of holding onto your favorite stuffed animal as a child? For many of us, that cherished companion was more than just a toy.

If you’ve ever read Mo Willems’ book, Knuffle Bunny, you’ll know just how special a stuffed bunny can be to a little girl named Trixie. 

Kids can make their own bunny that looks just like Trixie’s when they make this Knuffle Bunny Book Craft. This cute and fun paper craft is a fun way to keep the fun of the book going while getting creative! 

Once you’ve made your own bunny, bring more of your favorite stories to life one craft at a time with these kids book crafts.

Knuffle Bunny Paper Craft

Collage Cover Image of Knuffle Bunny Craft with the word Knuffle Bunny Inspired Craft in the middle

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Crafting is an incredible way for children to develop essential skills. As they snip, paste, and follow instructions to craft their Knuffle Bunny, they’re honing fine motor skills, enhancing their ability to follow directions, and nurturing creativity. 

We’ve made it super easy for you to get started on this fun craft. Simply download our free template, and use our step-by-step instructions. Gather up a few supplies, and the kids will be all set to make this cute craft! 


  • Colored cardstock or construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Knuffle bunny template (click the “click here to get this freebie” image at the end to open the form)


Start by downloading the Knuffle Bunny template and printing it out. Once you have the template printed, gather the materials needed for this fun activity. Get those scissors ready, and let’s help the kids bring this bunny template to life!

hand holding Knuffle Bunny Craft template

Let’s get started by taking the eyes and gluing them above the nose/mouthpiece. Help your kids carefully secure them in place.

hand gluing eye of Knuffle Bunny Craft

Now, let’s take the paw pads and glue them to the hands. Help your kids position them just right and stick them in place.

hand gluing hand of Knuffle Bunny Craft

Time to add some special touches to our Knuffle Bunny’s feet! Glue the foot pads to the outer feet of the Knuffle Bunny. Help your kids make sure they’re positioned perfectly – our bunny is going to have the cutest little feet!

hand gluing feet of Knuffle Bunny Craft

Next, let’s give our bunny buddy its adorable inner ears. Position them and glue them to both of the outer ears.

hand gluing inner ears of Knuffle Bunny Craft

Finally, it’s time to complete our Knuffle Bunny masterpiece! Guide your kids as they glue the ears to the head.

hand gluing ears of Knuffle Bunny Craft

Be sure to check out our animal crafts while you’re here! Your kids will love creating more fun crafts like this one!

hand holding finished example of Knuffle Bunny Craft

Children’s Book Ideas

Pages of your favorite children’s books can become exciting crafts and activities! It’s a great way for kids to keep learning and having fun after reading a good book. Read on below to see if we’ve featured a book craft that’s based on a story that’s loved in your family.

Easter Books For Kids

There are so many great Easter books for kids, but these are some of our favorites. Grab them from the library or buy them to add to your child’s collection! They’re great for helping your child develop a larger vocabulary, focus, and more!

Happy Easter Mouse – Everyone knows Mouse from the classic If You Give A Mouse A Cookie book, but now he’s back and ready to celebrate Easter! Kids will love watching him as he goes on an Easter egg hunt!

Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure – Join Pete as he races to help the Easter bunny just in time for Easter! This is another new classic kids rate as a must-have!

It’s Not Easy Being A Bunny – Follow PJ the bunny as he tries to discover what kind of animal he’d rather be instead of a bunny! It’s a silly story with a great lesson.

two example of finished Knuffle Bunny Craft

Children’s Book Craft Ideas

Grouchy Ladybug Craft – After reading The Grouchy Ladybug, let your child’s creativity take flight with a craft inspired by the characters. They can choose to craft the grumpy or the friendly ladybug in this hands-on activity.

I Am Money Book Craft – Make a wad of cash with personality with this cute book companion craft! This hands-on activity reinforces the book’s valuable lessons and encourages creativity and essential skills development at the same time.

collage image of Children's Book Craft Ideas

Pete the Cat Headband Craft – Let your child channel their inner cool cat with this Pete the Cat headband! Inspired by everyone’s favorite feline from the beloved children’s book series, this activity offers three ways to create a purr-fect accessory – a ready-to-wear option, a customizable black and white version, or a craft version.

Tacky the Penguin Craft – Celebrate individuality and uniqueness with our Tacky the Penguin craft, inspired by the heartwarming tale of Tacky’s bravery and charm. Kids can bring this beloved character to life with the help of our downloadable template.

Book Activities

Fall into the world of a favorite book with our engaging Little Acorn book activities! These printables are designed to complement the story’s themes and characters and enhance learning through tracing, letter recognition, and fine motor skill development.

They’re perfect for story time at home or classroom use. Whether you use them as a standalone activity or integrate them into lesson plans, these Little Acorn activities promise hours of fun and learning!

After reading about an adventurous chicken and her farm friends on a quest for the scarecrow’s prized possession, use these The Scarecrow’s Hat activities with the kids. These engaging printables feature beloved characters from the book and offer a variety of learning opportunities.

The pages are filled with activities that will enhance their skills like pattern completion, letter recognition, and vocabulary expansion in a labeling exercise.

collage image of Book Activities

Set out on a magical journey with the friendly witch and her cat in Room on the Broom! After enjoying the story, continue the excitement with our engaging Room on the Broom worksheets.

These activities complement the beloved book and help children develop fine motor skills, pattern recognition, letter identification, and expand their vocabulary. They’ll complete a line tracing activity, labeling activity, finish patterns, find the letter Dd, and play a memory game with character flashcards with this set.

Get ready to swim in an underwater adventure of learning with these Fish Eyes book companion printables that are designed to complement the story. These activities enhance learning through activities such as coloring by numbers, counting exercises, and pattern completion.

Perfect for extending the reading experience, these printables deepen understanding and engagement with the book. Children will learn right alongside the colorful fish from the book!

single example of finished Knuffle Bunny Craft

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hand holding finished example of Knuffle Bunny Craft

Knuffle Bunny Book Craft For Kids

Prep Time: 8 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 18 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

If your kids love the popular children's book Knuffle Bunny, they'll love creating this simple Knuffle bunny book craft!


  • Colored cardstock or construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Knuffle bunny template


  1. Download the knuffle bunny template, print, and cut out the pieces you need.
  2. Begin by taking the eyes and gluing them above the nose/mouthpiece.
  3. Next, take the paw pads and glue them to the hands.
  4. Glue the foot pads to the outer feet of the Knuffle Bunny.
  5. Position the inner ears and glue them to both of the outer ears.
  6. Finish off by gluing the ears to the head.

Did you make this craft?

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Free Printable Knuffle Bunny Template

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