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Mother’s Day Ice Cream Craft For Kids [Free Printable Template]

Mother’s Day is a special occasion dedicated to honoring the incredible mothers in our lives. Children of all ages want to show Mom they care and appreciate her, so let’s make something sweet!

Encourage your little ones to get creative with this Mother’s Day ice cream craft! This adorable project will be scoops of fun for kids to make, and moms will cherish this sweet keepsake.

Dads can grab a pint of Mom’s favorite ice cream to go along with the kids’ ice cream masterpieces this Mother’s Day.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to explore more adorable Mother’s Day crafts for kids to shower their moms with love and appreciation.

Ice Cream Cone Mother’s Day Craft

mother’s day ice cream craft cover image

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Get started crafting by downloading our free template and gather up your materials. With a sprinkle of imagination and a scoop of love, this ice cream cone is sure to be a hit!



Start by downloading the ice cream template and printing it out. Once you have the template printed, gather the materials needed for this fun activity. Get those scissors ready, and let’s help the kids bring this ice cream to life!

mother's day ice cream craft template

We’ll start at the very top with the sprinkles. Cut out a few small rectangles from different colored paper to be the sprinkles. Then, guide their little hands as they carefully glue the sprinkles to the top of the ice cream section.

If you want to make different types of sprinkles, you can see what you have around the house. You can use stickers, pom poms, perler beads (we used these on one of ours), or anything that looks good!

hand gluing the sprinkle decoration to the ice cream

Now, let’s move on to the cone – the foundation of our ice cream craft. Explain to your child that they’re going to attach the cone to the bottom of the ice cream. Let them apply the glue to the top edge of the cone and then help them line it up so it sits just right beneath the ice cream.

hand gluing the cone to the ice cream craft

It’s time to add the eyes. Hand your child the eye pieces and watch as they carefully glue one on each side of the ice cream, just above where the mouth would be.

hand gluing the eyes at the cone of the mother's day ice cream craft

Now, let’s give our ice cream craft a beautiful place to shine. Have your child apply glue to the back of their completed ice cream. Then, together, glue it down on the center of the background piece of paper.

hand gluing the mother's day ice cream craft to the background paper

That’s it! Don’t forget to explore our other cool summer crafts for your kiddos while you’re here! We’re sure your kids will love making fun crafts like this one!

holding the mother's day ice cream craft pink

Mother’s Day Project Ideas

Are you searching for adorable ways to help kids to express their love and appreciation for Mom this Mother’s Day? We’ve got you covered with some project ideas that are bound to bring a smile to her face and warm her heart.

From charming handmade gifts to thoughtful activities, there’s something perfect for every child to create. So, if you’re ready to get the kids started showing their creativity and affection, read on below for an array of ideas sure to make Mom feel cherished and loved.

two image of mother's day ice cream craft

Cute Mother’s Day Crafts

Too Many Carrots: This adorable book about a rabbit with way too many carrots will have your kids giggling! When he loads on too many that he can’t even go in his house, he’s on the hunt for somewhere to live. Read what happens as his friends try to help. This book is cute and has a great message of sharing!

Pete The Cat and the Cool Caterpillar: Pete’s new friend is a caterpillar! But when his best buddy goes missing, Pete has to find out what happened to him. He soon realizes he’s going to need a lot of patience to discover what exactly happened to his caterpillar!

I Don’t Want To Be A Frog: Little frog wants to be anything but, you guessed it, a frog. He tries his hand at being a cat, rabbit, pig, and owl, but he just can’t manage to be like them. All along the way, his dad encourages him to just be a frog, but it’s not until he has a surprise run-in with a wolf that he rethinks what it means to be a frog.

holding the mother's day ice cream craft violet

Cute Mother’s Day Crafts

I Love You To Pieces Mother’s Day Craft – Your little ones can spread love with our adorable Mother’s Day heart craft! The heart has bendy arms that hold a puzzle piece declaring “I love you to pieces.” Suitable for all ages and perfect for classroom craft time with the help of our free template.

Shark Mother’s Day Card Craft – This Mother’s Day, make a splash with a handmade shark card! Kids of all ages will love making this card, plus our free template makes crafting easy. Personalize it with a fin-tastic compliment or a heartfelt note to let Mom know she’s special.

collage of mother's day crafts

Sunflower Mother’s Day Craft – Brighten Mom’s day with a sunflower photo craft! Kids can craft a sunflower and place their adorable face in the center, accompanied by a heartfelt message: “Thanks for helping me grow.” Moms will cherish this personalized keepsake of her young children.

Handprint Cactus – Celebrate Mom with a unique handprint cactus card! This craft is ideal for all ages, and only requires green construction paper, scissors, and glue—no paint necessary! Kids will love creating this special card for Mom to receive a beautiful card she’ll cherish on her special day.

Mother’s Day Activities For Kindergarten

Encourage your elementary aged children to celebrate Mom with our All About Mom printable worksheet! This heartfelt exercise in gratitude and creativity lists Mom’s favorite things to highlight her special qualities.

This activity fosters appreciation while creating a cherished keepsake. Let your child’s creativity shine as they express love and recognition for Mom in a fun, thoughtful way.

These printable Mother’s Day coupons are an affordable and thoughtful gift for Mom! These coupons offer her priceless gifts like a free art masterpiece, a warm hug, or a fun ice cream date—all personalized with your child’s touch.

Simply print, color, and customize! Mom will adore redeeming these tokens of love, and you’ll appreciate the simplicity of creating meaningful memories without the hassle of extensive crafting.

collage of mother's day activities for kindergarten

Get kids engaged with a fun activity with our cute Mother’s Day color by numbers! Enhance fine motor skills while providing Mom with a homemade, colorful surprise. There’s three unique designs to color in by matching the color to the number. Simply print and let the creativity flow with crayons or markers. Kids will enjoy the process and create a Mother’s Day keepsake she’ll adore.

This Mother’s Day flower writing activity is a craft and writing activity in one. Download and print the template in either black and white or with colored paper. Kids can add an extra touch of personalization if they choose to color it in.

They’ll cut and paste to assemble the flower, then express things they love about mom by writing reasons on each petal with a black marker. It’s a beautiful way for kids to create a personalized, touching tribute that Mom will cherish.

two image of mother's day ice cream craft

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holding the mother's day ice cream craft violet

Mother's Day Ice Cream Craft

Prep Time: 8 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 18 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Encourage your little ones to get creative with this Mother’s Day ice cream craft! This adorable project will be scoops of fun for kids to make, and moms will cherish this sweet keepsake.


  • Colored cardstock
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ice Cream Template


  1. Download the ice cream template, print, and cut out the pieces you need.
  2. Begin by cutting out sprinkles and gluing them to the top of the ice cream section.
  3. Next, attach the cone to the bottom of the ice cream and glue it in place.
  4. Take the eyes and glue them, one on each side, above the mouth.
  5. Finish up by gluing the completed ice cream craft to the background piece of paper.

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Ice Cream Mothers Day Template

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