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11 Must Haves For Your Second Baby You Don’t Want To Forget

Inside: Find out all the details of the must haves for second baby. Plus, find more information on getting ready for baby here.  This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. You can read my full disclosure here.

After your first kid, you think you’ve got this whole caring for another human thing down.

The first few months were rough, but now you’re a seasoned pro.

While that may be true for some aspects, introducing a second baby can be a whirlwind.

Now you’re suddenly responsible for two littles, both of who want your undivided attention 24/7.

It’s exhausting.

But there’s one front on which you can be 100% prepared:

All the items you need for your second baby.

So if you’re wondering what to buy for your second baby and what the best products out there are, you’ll love this quick guide.

Read on to discover the top picks for your 2nd baby.

In a rush?

must haves for second baby

The Best 2nd Baby Registry Ever

Before we begin, you may be wondering why you would even register for your second baby.

You might not be having a baby shower but there are still plenty of reasons to register, the free baby products being the top reason.

I wholeheartedly believe Amazon is the best place to register for a baby.

I’ve detailed why I think this in this post all about the best Amazon baby registry benefits. Definitely, check this article out before you decide where you’ll register.

What To Buy For Your Second Baby

1. Car Seat

See All Color Choices Here

When your second baby is born, you’ll likely need another to purchase another infant car seat.

This infant car seat is an awesome bargain and receives really high reviews. It has over 400 5-star reviews!

If your first child has outgrown their infant car seat and you plan to use it with your second child, make sure the car seat isn’t too old and there haven’t been any recalls on the product.

You may also need to buy an extra infant car seat base in order to have one in both parents’ cars.

2. Double Stroller

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Again the age gap between your kids will come into play here.

If your older child still uses a stroller you will want to purchase a double stroller so you can get around easier with 2 kids.

This double stroller has great reviews, is narrow enough to maneuver through tight spaces and is competitively priced.

If you want a side by side double stroller, this is the top recommended one. If you want an inexpensive double umbrella stroller, this one is a great price.

Are you a jogging mama? If so, check out this post on the best double jogging strollers.

3. Buggy Board

If your first child doesn’t use a stroller anymore, another good option is to buy a buggy board that attaches to your current stroller.

Buggy boards attach to your stroller to allow older kids to stand on them when they get tired of walking. So many second-time moms find them a lifesaver!

4. Crib Mattress Or Toddler Bed

Check Current Price

If your first child is still using a crib mattress, you’ll need to pick up a new crib mattress for your little one.

This crib mattress is organic, is completely washable (yes, the inside core too!) and is free from latex, springs, and glue so there’s no worry about off-gassing toxins on your baby.

I really wish this crib mattress was around for my last baby!

If you’re going to move your older child to a toddler bed, this one is Amazon’s choice and oh so affordable!

5. Baby Camera

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Having a baby camera in your little one’s room provides so much peace of mind for anxious moms. There are tons of great options, but these are the top 4 picks:

6. Sound Machine

Get More Info

If you’ve never used a sound machine with your baby, you are missing out!

They’re great for drowning loud noises and comforting kids. We still have this powerhouse sound machine in each of our kids’ rooms even though they’re 3 and 7.

7. Sling

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Because you have an older child now, you’ll definitely be more active with your second baby. Having an infant sling or carrier will allow you to continue doing all the things you enjoy with your older child while still having your baby closeby.

This infant sling is a top pick for moms. It has 4.4 stars out of 5 from over 1,500 people. It’s made of cotton and spandex, giving it just the right amount of stretch to be comfy.

If you prefer baby carriers, I used and loved this sturdy baby carrier. It adjusts easily between parents of different sizes and grows with your child so you won’t have to buy another carrier when they get heavy.

8. Diaper Bag

Check Current Price

You probably already have a diaper bag, but now is the time to check out how much it will hold.

When you have 2 kids that both require you lugging around supplies, you want to be sure you have enough space to carry all the stuff!

This diaper bag has tons of space, can be carried as a backpack or diaper bag, has so many awesome organizational compartments and comes in 7 colors.

If you want a more dad-friendly option, this gender neutral diaper bag gets great reviews and has plenty of space for everything you need.

9. New Clothes For Baby

See All Color Options Here

It’s awesome when you can use your first child’s hand-me-downs for your new baby, but that’s not always possible.

If your second child is not the same gender or if they’ll be born in a different season you’ll need to stock up on baby clothes all over again.

Gender neutral onesies like these ones are great for any future babies and they’re organic too!

10. Diapers & Wipes

Ahhh, diapers and wipes.

If you’re lucky enough to have your older child potty trained, you will need to buy diapers and wipes.

Remember that bigger babies sometimes don’t even fit into infant sized diapers. I always like to have one infant sized diaper set and one size 1 diaper set at home before baby arrives.

These diapers are my favorite for infants.

11. Formula & Supplies

If you’re planning to formula feed your infant, you need to have all the necessary items ready at home.

Remember that every baby responds differently to formula, so I don’t recommend stocking up on one brand or type.

Instead, buy 2-3 different ones and see which your baby prefers best.

Check Lowest Price Here

This baby formula is organic, Amazon’s choice and receives high marks from parents. It is lactose-based, contains no added corn syrup solids and has iron included.

It also contains DHA/ARA, lutein and prebiotics.

Check Price Now

This premium baby formula is so convenient for feeding on the go or for the middle of the night feeding. It comes in ready to use bottle that just needs the nipple attached.

This infant formula contains prebiotics, 2 times the DHA as most other formulas and also contains inositol for brain support and development.

12. Nursing Supplies

See Lowest Price Here

If you’re going to breastfeed your baby, you’ll need to be sure you have all the necessary items to nurse effectively.

Check out this guide to the top breastfeeding essentials if you want all the details on the best nursing products. For a quick summary, you may need or want to purchase:

Freebie Alert: If you want a free nursing cover, simply order one from here using the code KITC40 and all you’ll need to pay for is shipping! Also, read this post to see how to get over $1,600 in free baby products.

That’s it! Remember, you probably have most of the necessities for a baby lying around your house again.

And, if you don’t check out the top 25 baby registry must haves to get everything you need and nothing you don’t!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.