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10 Fantastic Breastfeeding Essentials You Actually Need

Inside: Learn all the best breastfeeding essentials you need to set you down a path to success. Find more information about getting ready for baby now. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. You can read my full disclosure here

I was completely ready for this.

In fact, as a woman, I was pretty much born to do 2 things:

Birth children and breastfeed them. 

Or so I thought.

It turns out breastfeeding was not easy or natural.

For me, it was like trying to feed a voracious baby tiger with an eyedropper. I didn’t have nearly as much milk as my baby wanted and it wasn’t something I instinctively knew how to do.

And it left both myself and my baby mad, frustrated and utterly exhausted.

But with time and a lot of different nursing related products (plus about 7 different lactation consultants!), I was able to figure out what worked best for myself and my baby.

So while your body may be different, these are the best products I’ve used to have a smooth breastfeeding relationship.

Read on to discover these breastfeeding must haves!

In a rush?


breastfeeding products

Breastfeeding Essentials

For Wearing:

1. Nursing Bra:

While you’re breastfeeding you’ll need to find a nursing bra that is supportive, allows quick access during feeding time and is comfortable.

Boy oh boy does this nursing bra by Bravado fit all those needs and then some. I am in love with this bra!

Let me just get real here for a second and say that I still use this bra. Every. Single. Day. And I haven’t nursed my baby in over a year so yeah, that’s how much I am obsessed with it.

And over 3,400 women on Amazon agree with me. Seriously, get this nursing bra because it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

2. Nursing Cover:

This style of nursing cover is my favorite way to discretely feed my baby with other people around. It gives complete coverage so no part of your body is exposed when your feeding and it’s lightweight, portable and really stylish.

Plus, you can also use it as a car seat cover or scarf!

3. Washable Nursing Pads:

These Bamboobies nursing pads are great for soaking up any residual milk after nursing or just when you’re out and about.

Since I suffered from low milk supply I never needed to use nursing pads, but I still used these to help keep my skin from sticking to my nursing bra.

4. Nursing Pillow:

It’s insane how much more comfortable you are when you’re properly supported while nursing.

I originally purchased the Boppy pillow but I quickly realized there was absolutely no support for me. It felt just like a regular pillow in a round shape.

After donating the Boppy I tried out the My Brest Friend pillow and was instantly in heaven! It wraps all the way around your body to provide 360 degrees of support, plus the material is way firmer than the Boppy. It also has a snap clip so it fits snugly around your waist. All in all, I completely recommend this nursing pillow.

For Going Out:

5. Glass Baby Bottles:

3 Dr. Brown baby bottles

If you ever plan to be apart from your little bundle of joy, then you’re going to need to find some bottles that suit your baby.

I love glass because there are no worries about BPA, PVC, Phthalates or any of that other terrible stuff you want to keep away from your baby.

These glass bottles are my favorite because the way they are made closely simulates breastfeeding. Plus they reduce spit up, which was something my second baby really suffered from before we switched to these bottles.

Tip: Worried about nipple confusion while nursing? Read this guide to the best bottles for breastfed babies.

6. Breast Pump:

Breast pumps are definitely a life saver for when you want to go out. The type of pump you need will vary depending on the frequency of use and a few other factors, but this breast pump is efficient, affordable and gets rave reviews!

For Self Care:

7. Hot & Cold Breast Pack:

Oy vey, I wish I would have known these breast packs were out there when I was breastfeeding.

Breast packs are a small heat and ice pack that fits right in your breast pump or bra to help with a multitude of breastfeeding issues. Use it hot to help with plugged ducts and mastitis or use it cold to help relieve engorgement (or just provide some much-needed comfort for breastfeeding discomfort).

8. Nipple Cream:

Before I had a baby I really had no idea there was even such a thing as nipple cream or why in the world you would need it, but trust me, it is a breastfeeding must have!

I had a really difficult time breastfeeding both of my boys and this nipple cream was the closest thing to a life save that I could find. It really helped my sore and cracked breasts feel much more normal. I used it almost every time I finished nursing and 1 jar lasted the whole year!

9. Water Bottle:

It was without fail that every time I sat down to start nursing I instantly felt like a fish trying to walk through the Sahara desert at noonday. I was always incredibly thirsty!

Eventually, I wised up and remembered to grab a water bottle before I sat down to give me the relief I desperately needed. These glass water bottles are a great price and come in a 6 pack, which means you won’t have to make sure you wash the same bottle every day.

10. Healthy Snacks:

peanut butter chocolate kind bars

Breastfeeding really requires a lot of a woman’s body so you need to be sure that you’re eating enough calories.

I remember feeling like an angry bear coming out of a long winter hibernation when I started nursing. I had an almost insatiable appetite and always had some healthy snacks nearby when feeding baby.

I love these Kind bars because they are delicious, healthy and have a good amount of protein.

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