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The Snail And The Whale Worksheets For Kids [Free Printable]

Looking for a fun way for your child to practice essential early learning skills? We have just the thing for you!

The best part is that The Snail and the Whale worksheets are a wonderful accompaniment to the beloved book, The Snail and the Whale, which follows the adventures of an unlikely pair!

Kick off the learning fun by reading the book, then have kids work on developing fine motor skills, recognizing patterns and letters, and discovering more about a humpback whale with our set of worksheets and flashcards.

Read more about what’s included in this set of printables below.

Find more preschool worksheets your kiddos will enjoy learning with!

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Snail And The Whale Printables

snail and the whale collage worksheets

In this printable set of worksheets, we’ve included the following:

  • Label the Humpback Whale worksheet
  • Line Tracing worksheet
  • Letter Ss worksheet
  • Finish the Pattern worksheet
  • The Snail and the Whale character flashcards

Kids will explore and identify different parts of the magnificent humpback whale with our first worksheet. They will cut and paste the labels in the correct place and then color in the whale once they’ve finished. This is a great way to talk about the anatomy of this gentle giant!

The second sheet will have kids honing their fine motor skills and pencil control when they trace the paths to the different book characters. The lines get progressively more difficult, so it’s a great challenge for kids.

You can laminate the sheets or put them in a page protector so your child can practice with a dry erase marker over and over again.

label a humpback whale image

Next up is the S for snail worksheet where kids will color in all the uppercase and lowercase letter Ss. This is a great way for kids to get some letter recognition practice as they search for the letter.

On the finish the pattern worksheet, kids will learn to recognize patterns which will enhance their ability to observe, classify, and make predictions.

This worksheet also encourages critical thinking and problem solving as they learn to identify the sequence and apply logic to complete patterns. Patterns are a fundamental part of math, so by gaining an understanding of sequencing and repetition, they’re setting a solid foundation.

Finally, we’ve included a set of flashcards where your preschooler can learn the names of the different characters found in the book. This is a great way for your child to expand their vocabulary and awareness of the world around them.

line tracing for snail and the whale

Ocean Of Possibilities Ideas For Kids

Let’s dive into an ocean of possibilities with some captivating craft and activity ideas! Kids will love exploring the wonders of the sea with our engaging and educational projects.

So get ready to make a splash by including some ocean themed crafts and activities this summer!

Best Books About The Ocean

Have you ever considered how effective reading books to your kids can be for their development? It’s more than just a fun bedtime activity. Reading to your children can improve their language and literacy skills, stimulate their imagination and creativity, and enhance their cognitive abilities.

Check out these fun ocean children’s books:

The Snail and the Whale– Julia Donaldson, author of the famous book The Gruffalo, brings kids another fun book about an unlikely set of friends. Snail and Whale have lots of fun together in this colorful book!

Shark Lady– This children’s book is based upon the true story of Eugenie Clark, aka, The Shark Lady. Learn about her love of sharks, her discoveries, and the inspiring message of going after what you want in life.

The Rainbow Fish -This is a classic children’s book with a wonderful message for children. In it, a fish learns to share his favorite possession, his glittery scales, with his friends!

letter practice snail and the whale

Ocean Creatures Crafts

Crafting offers numerous benefits for children! It enhances fine motor skills, boosts creativity, promotes self-expression, improves problem-solving abilities, and fosters patience and perseverance.

Engage your child in the joys of crafting with our ocean themed ideas below. Discover the magic of the sea while reaping the developmental rewards!

Paper Plate Crab – Bring a charming crustacean to life with a simple paper plate, some paint, and our free template! Kids will let their artistic talents shine as they create their own crab. So grab the paints and brushes to get started on this crab-tactic project!

Hammerhead Shark Puppet – Kids’ imaginations can swim wild as they bring their very own hammerhead shark to life. They can go on thrilling oceanic adventures when they use their new puppet for storytelling and puppet shows!

ocean crafts collage

Octopus Handprint Craft – With a splash of creativity, kids can bring an octopus to live with their own handprints! Each finger becomes a playful tentacle, adding a personal flair to your aquatic masterpiece. 

Whale Handprint Craft – This fun paper craft will make a splash with your little ones! They’ll incorporate their own handprints into the design, making it an adorable keepsake. This is the perfect craft to keep boredom at bay!

Ocean Themed Activities

These ocean animal worksheets will immerse kids in the wonders of the ocean while providing a fun educational experience!

Kids will enhance their fine motor skills through tracing and coloring, work on early literacy with letter identification and handwriting, and learn basic math concepts by completing patterns and counting with these worksheets.

Raise your tentacle if you’re ready to learn about an octopus! These octopus worksheets will have kids exploring the anatomy of these unique creatures while also practicing writing and letter recognition of the letter O.

Navigate your way through a maze by finding all the letter Oo’s and perfect writing them as well!

finish the pattern snail and the whale

These shark connect the dot printables are a fantastic way to get kids engaged and learning! As they connect the numbered dots, a cool shark illustration will take shape.

Connecting the dots will foster number sequencing skills, and give kids a sense of accomplishment as they complete the picture.

Download our jellyfish cutting activity pages for a fun hands-on activity that promotes fine motor skills and scissor control.

Kids will practice matching, counting, and cutting with each of these activity pages. They’re great to include in any ocean-themed study, so be sure to include them!

snail and the whale images collage

A great resource to have on hand during an ocean study are these sea turtle life cycle coloring pages. They’ll introduce kids to the life cycle of a sea turtle through coloring and a memory match game of the different stages of its life. So dive in to get your preschoolers learning!

Ocean Fun

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The Snail And The Whale Worksheets Printables

Shark Template

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