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11 Awesome Farm Animal Books For Kids

These are the best farm animal books for kids we’ve found. They’re perfect for farm unit studies!

If you’ve been following along, you know we’ve been focusing our activities all around farm animals. 

We did a few crafts, like a sheep craft for kids, a handprint chicken craft, a tractor popsicle stick craft and a preschool farm theme small world play. 

It’s been a blast! 

Today, we’re settling down and sharing our favorite books all about farm animals. 

Farm Animal Books For Kids

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farm animal books
farm animals book: charlie the ranch dog

Charlie the Ranch Dog is a cute story about a hound of who shows how the work of dog on a ranch is never done. Unless, of course, you’re a Charlie and you take lots of naps and plenty of breaks for eating!

farm animal book: grumpy goat

Grumpy Goat is a heartwarming tale about how taking notice of the small, simple pleasures of life, like a little flower can change your entire perspective of life. This is a great book for teaching children about friendship.

Tractor Mac Arrives At the Farm is the story of Sibley, the workhorse and Mac, the new tractor who takes over all of Sibley’s special jobs on the farm. Worried and sad, Sibley wonders if he’s been completely forgotten. One day, he and the farmer both realize how special Sibley really is.

Sleep Tight Farm is an educational book that describes exactly how a family prepares their farm for the winter. This book is good for children who want to learn more about duties on the farm.

This version of the classic song Old Macdonald Had A Farm is a fun story with a surprising ending! Children will love singing along and looking at the whimsical illustrations.

Big Red Barn is a simple and sweet little rhyming story that takes kids through the day of all the animals on the farm. This book would be a great bed time story for kids who love farm animals!

Click Clack Moo, Cow That Type is a short, funny story about what happens when cows learn to type and demand some little luxuries in the barn. This silly story will make kids of all ages smile. 

The Cow Said Neigh! is a silly children’s book all about farm animals who wish they were someone else. It all starts with the cow who wants to be a horse, but where will it end? Kids will get a kick out of the goofy story and ending. 

Interrupting Chicken tells the delightful story of Little Chicken and her Papa trying to settle her down for bed one night. She loves bedtime stories, but she just can’t manage to let the story go on uninterrupted! See what happens when they run out of bed time stories! 

Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Farm is the story of the cow, pig and duck who can’t stand one more washing by Mrs. Wishy-Washy. They decide to run away, but quickly realize just how good they had it back at the farm. 

If your children enjoy short, rhyming books then Sheep In A Jeep is a perfect pick. Follow the sheep on their adventures in their red jeep. Just where will all the sheep end up? 

Are your kids’ favorite farm books on the list?

If not, please share them with me below in the comments!  If you’re doing a farm animal unit, be sure to try out this popsicle stick tractor craft too!

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