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Free Printable Groundhog Day Coloring Pages For Kids

Groundhog Day is a cute celebration that both young and old alike like to celebrate! This quirky holiday involves the tradition of a groundhog emerging from its burrow. Legend goes, that if the groundhog sees its shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter.

These Groundhog Day coloring pages are a fun way to teach kids about this lighthearted tradition. There are five adorable groundhog illustrations kids can choose from in this set. 

For more educational activities, check out these groundhog day activities. Your little learners will have a blast working through these engaging activities.

Groundhog Coloring Pictures

groundhog coloring pages cover image

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This no-prep activity is perfect for busy parents and teachers looking for a quick and enjoyable way to engage kids. As children pick up their crayons and color the groundhog pictures, they’ll use their creativity and work on refining their fine motor skills.

Download and print the coloring pages and gather the crayons or markers for a fun Groundhog’s Day activity. Whether it’s a classroom project or a cozy family evening, these pages are sure to bring smiles to your little ones.

groundhog coloring image

The fun doesn’t have to stop here! Explore more Groundhog Day activities to enjoy with the kiddos on February 2nd, like this Groundhog Day shape craft!

Groundhog Day Ideas For Preschool

Looking for some fun Groundhog Day ideas for your preschoolers? We’ve got you covered with a variety of engaging crafts and activities that are perfect for keeping the little ones entertained while encouraging their learning.

Whether you’re at home or in the classroom, these creative projects will make Groundhog Day fun! Find books, crafts, and activities specially designed to make Groundhog Day an enjoyable learning experience for your little learners below.

groundhog coloring image

The Night Before Groundhog Day – Help kids understand what Groundhog’s Day is all about with this fun, rhyming book!

Grumpy Groundhog – This is a humorous book about a groundhog who just doesn’t want to wake up for everyone to see on Groundhog’s Day. What will happen? Will he make it to the surface for everyone to see???

Groundhog Gets A Say – This funny book looks at all the other things groundhogs can do outside of Groundhog’s Day!

Groundhog Day Kindergarten Crafts

Groundhog Cup Craft – Kids will love creating their own adorable groundhog peeking out of a paper cup burrow. Spark their creativity and transform an ordinary cup into an adorable decoration. Gather a handful of supplies, including our free template and a simple paper cup to get started! 

Groundhog Paper Plate Craft – Get kids excited for Groundhog Day with a fun paper plate craft! This customizable craft is easy and fun whether they pain bare ground or make it snowy. With just a paper plate and a few supplies, kids can turn an everyday item into cute art.

collage of groundhog kindergarten crafts

Groundhog Paper Bag Puppet Craft – Spark excitement with the kids with this groundhog puppet! Kids will love turning a simple paper bag into a playful puppet. This easy and fun craft adds a bit of imagination to the holiday when they play with their new puppets!

Groundhog Headband Craft – Ready for Groundhog Day fun with a fantastic headband craft? Kids can choose between a craft version or a coloring option for the little ones. It’s a fun way to celebrate the holiday and let their creativity shine.

Groundhog Day Activities For Kids

Enhance your little ones’ scissor skills with our engaging groundhog cutting practice worksheets! Designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners, these interactive activities provide a playful approach to improving cutting techniques.

The free bundle includes a groundhog counting page, cutting line pages with zigzag, curvy, and straight lines, along with a finish-the-picture page. 

Groundhog Day will be fun and entertaining for the kids with these Groundhog Day dot to dot printables! They’ll connect the dots to complete the pictures of the furry forecasters and work on their fine motor and counting skills at the same time.

This set includes three different groundhog illustrations for kids to complete and color. Grab the crayons and download these free printables for some holiday fun! 

groundhog day activities for kids

Kids will have a blast with these Groundhog Day worksheets. They’re a great activity to get kids working on various skills while learning about the holiday. When kids complete these printables, they’ll label a groundhog, work on handwriting, and navigate a letter maze.

These pages are great for preschoolers to kindergarteners to develop fine motor skills, letter recognition, and scissor skills. Download the worksheets so you have them ready for February 2nd! 

Here’s a great learning activity for your preschoolers and kindergarteners! This groundhog letter match activity will help reinforce capital and lowercase letter recognition while also enhancing fine motor skills as they connect the cards.

Kids will enjoy the process of picking a capital letter groundhog card, identifying its name, sorting for the matching lowercase letter shadow card, and connecting them with plastic links. Watch as they eagerly sort, match, and connect each letter of the alphabet.

groundhog coloring image with background of rocks

Fun Groundhog’s Day Ideas

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Free Groundhog Day Printables

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