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FREE Printable Star Wars Cupcake Toppers For Boys & Girls

Inside: Download these free printable Star Wars cupcake toppers to celebrate your child’s birthday or even Star Wars Day! They’re the latest addition to the Star Wars printables collection. 

If there’s one thing that spans the gap of generations it’s Star Wars.

Now that Star Wars is a part of the Disney franchise, there’s no stopping it.

My son loves Star Wars so much it’s a slowly integrated itself into every facet of our lives.

A few years ago I had to throw him a Star Wars birthday party. He loves his Lego Star Wars sets, Tsum Tsum Star Wars plushes, and even his oversized Chewbacca toy.

We’ve made Star Wars Easter Eggs, Star Wars valentines, Star Wars coloring pages and even Star Wars I Spy for when he’s bored!

It’s safe to say this is not a passing fad.

With Star Wars Day (aka May the 4th) quickly approaching I’ve created these free printable Star Wars cupcake toppers to surprise your kids with a special Star Wars treat!

They’re also perfect for a Star Wars party or for any time you need a little Star Wars treat (which is always, right?).

Easy Star Wars Cupcake Toppers

printable star wars cupcake toppers

Because simple is always best, these cupcake toppers will not take you forever to make.

All you need to do is print them out, use a 2″ round circle punch and attach them to toothpicks and you’ve got yourself a fun Star Wars themed cupcake!

Star Wars cupcake toppers

I’m a store-bought cupcake kind of mom all the way, but you can bake them at home if you want too. Either way, your kids will love these Star Wars cupcakes.

Star Wars cupcakes

Don’t forget that these cupcakes come in two different colors schemes with one specifically created for little girls who love Star Wars in mind.

Star Wars themed cupcakes

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Download Your Free Star Wars Cupcake Toppers

Free Star Wars Cupcake Toppers

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Tuesday 13th of February 2024

Thank you for these! I downloaded/printed them and they look great. Did you do them double sided? And how did you attach the toothpick to it? With tape or glue? Thank you!


Tuesday 13th of February 2024

No problem! I did not make them double sided but you could you double sided tape and 2 pieces to make them that way. I used toothpicks and tape to attach them ◡̈


Friday 27th of October 2023

I need theses for a party


Monday 30th of October 2023

Of course! All you need to do is enter your email in the form at the end of this post to have the link sent to you. Once you've been confirmed as an email subscriber (by clicking the link in the first email), you simply enter your email in any of the forms and it'll automatically redirect you to the download page.


Tuesday 1st of August 2023

Thank you for these amazing printable! I can't find any form under the post to get the download link. I signed in for your newsletter first and used different browsers (firefox, safari and Chrome) :-( Browser settings seems to be ok, but there is no form. Can't depend on language settings, right? I am from Germany. Is there another way to get the printables?


Wednesday 2nd of August 2023

I’m so sorry - it was my fault, not yours! My site was updated yesterday and there was a conflict that didn’t allow the form to show. But, it has been fixed now so you can enter your email in the form now. Thanks so much for your patience!

Marie Eve

Saturday 26th of March 2022

Thank you so much! This was exactly what I was looking for my son’s birthday! Thank you for free sharing! ?


Saturday 26th of March 2022

Yay, so glad! You're welcome. Thanks for stopping by!


Friday 12th of March 2021

Love it!

Sam T

Monday 15th of March 2021


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