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19 Items For Creating The Coolest Star Wars Easter Basket For Kids

If your kids are anything like mine, they love Star Wars.

I’ve posted on a ton of Star Wars topics from Star Wars Valentines, to Star Wars Lego mosaics, to Star Wars coloring pages and more.

But one idea that didn’t cross my mind until this year is a Star Wars Easter basket, which I’m sure every Star Wars fan will be obsessed with!

Below are some of my top picks for Star Wars themed basket.

Awesome Star Wars Easter Basket Fillers

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BB-8 Plush:

This is the droid you’ve been looking for. He’s small enough to fit inside an Easter basket, lovable and even makes sounds.

The Force Awakens Infinity Characters:

If you already have the Disney Infinity 3.0, then these Force Awakens characters are currently a steal at 74% off. Who knows when this awesome deal will end, so grab this set now. 

Star Wars Bath Toys:

Your little Star Wars kiddos will love being introduced to all the most popular characters with these Star Wars bath squirter toys.

Star Wars Mad Libs:

Good old-fashioned Mad Libs go from meh to amazing, when you add Star Wars to the mix.

Darth Vader Socks:

Grab your big boy some dress socks you’ll both agree on -some fun black and purple Darth Vader socks.

Lego Star Wars Book:

This Lego Star Wars activity book for kids is a great Easter basket filler and is pretty good at getting you some much needed quiet time.

Deathstar Beachball:

This Death Star beachball is definitely going in my boy’s Easter basket this year. It’s perfect for summertime fun and it’s really affordable.

Star Wars Tattoos:

Another inexpensive filler item, these Star Wars temporary tattoos will last for a while, or at least through the weekend if your kids are anything like mine!

Block Yoda:

These Star Wars block sets come in 6 different options, but what Star Wars fan wouldn’t want a Yoda figure to add to their collection?!

BB-9E Pencil Case:

Star Wars Easter Basket Ideas

You kid will be the coolest in class with this BB-9E pencil case.


Porg Collectible Figure:

If you’ve got a Funko Pop collector in your family, they’ll love adding this new Porg collectible figure to their set.

R2-D2 Wallet:

Older boys will feel all grown up when they get this R2-D2 wallet in their Easter basket.

Darth Vader And Friends Book:

In my house, books in the Easter basket are a staple so of course, this Star Wars cartoon book is perfect to add in the basket.

BB-8 Bop It Game:

Kids games of all sorts are a great way to connect with your kids. This BB-8 Bop It game is small enough to fit in an Easter basket too!

Windup Stormtroopers

The traditional windup toy has undergone a cool and modern twist with this windup stormtrooper. Endless fun for your littlest Star Wars fan.

Star Wars Puzzle:

Puzzles are an inexpensive Easter basket filler and this Star Wars puzzle fits perfectly in the theme and is easy enough for kids.

Boba Fett Figure:

This Boba Fett figure is a tiny, limited edition, collectible toy straight from Japan. Because of his price, I’d limit him to serious Star Wars collectors only.

Star Wars Cup:

This travel Star Wars cup is a cheap, cool Easter basket filler for kids. If you have Amazon Prime, definitely grab one of these for the Easter basket this year.

Which Star Wars item are you getting for your kids Easter basket this year? 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.