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18 Boys Easter Basket Filler Ideas He’ll Flip For

Every year when Easter comes around, I become slightly extremely fixated on finding the perfect fillers for my boys Easter baskets. 

It’s kind of like a game for me; I browse the internet looking for the coolest gifts that aren’t too expensive and that’ll fit perfectly in their Easter basket.

I decided since I’m already investing way too much time in it, I may as well share my top picks with all of you.

Check out these 18 Easter basket fillers for boys they’ll be dying to get this year!

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Awesome Boys Easter Basket Filler Ideas

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Minecraft Style Sunglasses:

These pixel sunglasses, especially in green, will remind everyone of the current Minecraft craze. They’re inexpensive and great to add to the Easter basket.

Spot It Camping Edition:

Board and family games are a big hit around here, so of course, I had to include this camping themed Spot it! game

Pokemon Handbook:

If you have a young boy or any boy for that matter, it’s almost a certainty that are/will be into Pokemon at one time. This Pokemon handbook is the treasure trove of Pokemon facts and statistics that everyone Poketrainer will need. 

Lizard Play Set:

This plastic lizard set from Melissa and Doug is great inexpensive Easter filler for little boys.


Go old-school with this beginning level trick yo-yo that’ll keep your son occupied for at least a few minutes.

Nintendo Mints:

How awesome is this Nintendo controller mints?! Boys will get a kick out this one for sure. 

Angry Birds Toothbrushes:

I don’t know about you, but I always use toothbrushes to fill in stocking stuffers, Easter baskets and more. They’re cheap and your kids will always need them.

Magic 8 Ball:

This retro Magic 8 Ball is just as entertaining today as it was when it first came out and its the perfect size to fit into a small Easter basket.

Joke Book:

This best-selling joke book for kids has over 4,100 reviews, a 4.5-star rating, and has sold over 1 million copies.  That’s proof enough for me that my boys will enjoy it.

Kids Camelbak:

I’m always a fan of mixing in necessary (but still fun) items in the Easter basket, like this kids’ Camelbak drink.

Cars 3 Cars:

Little cars like Matchbox cars and these Cars 3 cars are great inexpensive fillers for Easter baskets.

Mario Hat:

Older boys will totally love this modern take on a Mario hat. Plus, it’s another gift that isn’t just a toy, but will be useful too!

Captain America Toy:

Young boys can’t get enough of superheroes. I don’t know what it is, maybe something built into their DNA, but they’ll love a fun toy like this Captain America action figure.

Minion Plush: 

Minions are another super popular character and these little Minion plush toys are adorable, inexpensive and are great companions for bedtime.

Lego Creator Set:

These small Lego sets are great fillers for the Easter basket and are easy enough for kids to put together themselves.

Cars 3 DVD:

If you don’t already have the new Cars 3 movie, your little boy will be ecstatic to find it in his basket this year.

Seed Bomb Kit:

I’m no gardener, but if you are and you’re looking for a fun way to get your boys involved, look no further than this seed bombing kit. What boy can resist their own slingshot?! 

Which Easter basket filler for boys would you son love the most? 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.