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Fall Leaves Glitter Sensory Bottle For Kids

This autumn, bring the falling leaves and amber colored hues inside with this fall leaves glitter sensory bottle for kids. It’s mesmerizing and so much fun to shake up!

Recently, we’ve really been upping the amount of sensory play we do around our home.

We hadn’t ventured into it for quite a while, but now we’re loving it!

Today, with autumn quickly approaching, we decided to bring the windy falling leaves inside into our own little fall leaves glitter sensory bottle.

Read on below to see how simple it is to make for your children.

DIY Autumn Sensory Bottle

fall sensory bottle with the words fall leaves sensory bottle

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Fall Glitter Sensory Bottle Supplies

The size of your sensory bottle will determine the amount of each ingredient that you will need. I used a 16 oz sensory bottle and these were my approximate measurements.

Fall Sensory Bottle Recipe

Pour the glue and soap into a bowl and mix.

hand pouring glue and soap  into bowl

Add the corn syrup to the bowl, then mix.

hand pouring corn syrup into bowl

Squeeze in one small squirt of orange gel food dye.

hand pouring food coloring into bowl

Add the copper glitter to the bottle. Mix completely.

hand pouring glitter into liquid

Pour the liquid into the bottle.

hand pouring liquid into sensory bottle

Add in the package of leaf sequins. Fill the rest of the bottle with water, then secure the lid.

hand holding sensory bottle with the words add leaves + seal shut

Optional: If you want the bottle to be permanently sealed, use hot glue to secure the lid shut. I don’t seal my lids, because I reuse my sensory bottles. Just be sure to watch your kids with the sensory bottles if you don’t glue them shut and tighten them by hand as much as possible.

That’s it!

Now just give it a couple of good shakes and watch the leaves and glitter drift to the bottom of the jar.

One of my favorite things about this fall sensory bottle is the way the leaves and the glitter interacts.

When you give this glitter bottle a good shake, the leaf sequins quickly move through the bottle and settle to the bottom. The glitter, on the other hand, is very slow moving and swirls around the bottle for about a minute before it even starts to settle.

It’s so much fun to watch!

After shaking up some autumn magic with this sensory bottle, keep the fun rolling by setting up a fall leaf sensory bin that’s bursting with the colors and textures of the season!

fall sensory bottle for kids

Fall Unit For Kids

Want to create a fall-themed unit around this sensory activity? If so, keep reading below for some of our favorite ideas!

So next time you’re looking for some fun storytime activities with your little one, grab a book from your shelf and read to them! Below are some of the top fall-themed books for kids.

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves: The mischievous old lady swallowed a handful of leaves! Her tummy started to rumble. So she swallowed some more items. Then even more. But as her stomach grew full, the leaves began to poke out through her mouth… when suddenly – poofffff! – it turned into a scarecrow!

Pete The Cat Falling For Autumn: Pete is not a fan of fall. But he decides to do some detective work and finds out that there are lots of things about this season he loves, like corn mazes, hayrides, wearing scarves, and apple picking! This story helps kids learn that even though they might not love every season of the year, there are still good parts to each one.

We’re Going On A Leaf Hunt: The seasons are changing, the days getting are shorter, and children everywhere are starting to make plans for their favorite outdoor adventures – and what could be more fun than a Leaf Hunt?!

fall sensory bottle

Crafting is important for a child’s development because it helps them explore and express their creativity. It’s also a form of self-expression that children enjoy. Add in some fun fall crafts with some of our easy projects:

Print out this set of fun and educational fall printables for preschool. They’ll have so much fun learning about shapes, colors, patterns, and more with these great fall-themed pages. No prep needed – just print it out and go!

closeup of fall sensory bottle

We love fall. It’s our favorite time of year, and we can’t wait to share these fun fall color by sight word printables with you! They’re a great way to practice recognizing sight words.

These fall pattern block mats are a perfect activity to keep your kids entertained on cold, autumn days. These mats can help them learn shapes, colors, and work on fine motor skills!

Break out this fall play dough kit to give your kiddo some open-ended playtime! It’s a great sensory play idea.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.