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16 Cute Father’s Day Crafts For Kids

Father’s Day is coming up soon and the kids will want to show him just how much he means to the family.

These Father’s Day crafts for kids are cute, simple, and fun! You’ll find something for every dad—from fishermen to Star Wars fans to dads who are handy around the house.

Whether you need a Father’s Day card or are just looking for a simple craft or kid-made gift idea, we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget to make something for Grandpa, too!

Kids will be so proud and excited to present one of these crafts to their fathers. Any of these projects are a cute way to show Dad just how much the family loves and appreciates him.

Plus, these crafts are great for all ages, from toddlers to preschool and kindergarten children and beyond!

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Crafts For Father’s Day

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Surprise Dad with a craft that tells him he’s out of this world when kids make this rocket Father’s Day card. Kids will be just as excited to make this fun card as they are to give it. Don’t forget to make one for Grandpa as well!

We’re not lion… this Lion Father’s Day card is just the cutest! The front of the card is a lion’s head, and there’s plenty of space inside the card for kids to personalize a message to Dad.

Need a Father’s Day craft that’s out of this galaxy? Check out this awesome Star Wars Yoda card craft! It’s perfect for any dad who loves the iconic franchise or just needs a little wisdom from the Jedi master. Plus, kids will have a blast making it and showing off their DIY skills. May the force be with you!

Daddy shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo… Now that we have that song stuck in your head, check out this paper shark craft for kids that they can make to tell their dad that he’s the best daddy shark in the whole ocean. It’s super simple to put together when you use the printable template.

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For dads that are one in a “minion,” this cute handprint Minion card craft can’t be beaten. They make adorable keepsakes; dads will love looking back in a few years and seeing how tiny the kids’ hands were.

The best dad in the galaxy deserves the best card in the galaxy! This BB-8 card is the perfect Star Wars card for Father’s Day!

Let Dad know he’s toad-ally awesome with this homemade Father’s Day card. This frog craft for kids is a simple paper craft that comes with a free printable template too!

G’day mate! Let Dad or Grandpa know you love all his awesome koala-ities when kids make this koala card craft. Download the free template and make it today!

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This June, kids can surprise their dad with a handmade Father’s Day tie card craft. This fun and simple craft only requires a few materials and a bit of creativity.

The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions along with printable templates to cut and assemble the card. Any dad would be proud to receive this unique and thoughtful gift from their child on their special day!

Looking for a sweet and simple Father’s Day craft? Check out this Father’s Day popsicle craft for kids. Your little ones can create adorable popsicle-themed cards that show their love and appreciation for Dad or Grandpa. This craft is perfect for young children and makes for a touching and memorable Father’s Day gift.

Surprise Dad with a unique and thoughtful Father’s Day gift that he can treasure forever. This DIY Father’s Day toolbox craft is the perfect way to show Dad how much the kids care. This fun and easy-to-make project is a great way to keep kids occupied and make something they’ll be proud of.

Is Dad an avid fisherman or just a fan of all things fishing? If so, we have the perfect idea for him – this Hooked on Daddy craft! This project is guaranteed to be a hit with any fishing enthusiast. It’s a simple yet thoughtful project that can be completed by kids of all ages. Start crafting today and give Dad a gift that’s sure to be a real catch!

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Whether Dad is a turtle fan or just appreciates a good dad joke, he’s going to love this shell-abration of his special day. So grab your crafting supplies, unleash your inner artist, and let’s show Pops how much he’s cared for with this turtle Father’s Day card craft.

Get ready to travel back in time with this roar-some dinosaur Father’s Day card! Dad will feel dino-mite when he opens up this card and sees the personalized message inside. Kids can make this at home or in the classroom!

Looking for a fun and easy craft for your little sports fan? Check out this adorable handprint baseball card! It’s a great way to memorialize your child’s growing hand size and their love for the game in one sweet and sentimental card. Plus, it makes for a fantastic gift for any baseball-loving Grandpa or Dad. Plus, there’s no messy paint needed!

This Father’s Day, give your kids the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind gift for their dad or grandpa with this DIY 3D Father’s Day Card. Your kids will not only have fun making this craft but they will also be able to practice their fine motor skills through cutting and assembling the card.

Now you have lots of fun choices for Father’s Day Crafts to make with the kids. Which one will you choose?

Father’s Day Ideas For Kids

Father’s Day is a great time for kids to show their dads or grandpas how much they care. Engaging kids in age-appropriate activities that are meaningful to them is a way to help them learn the necessary skills while creating a special gift.

Read on below for more of our favorite ideas for Dad!

Father’s Day Kids Books

These cute children’s books about Father’s Day are the perfect way to show dads just how special they are. Reading these stories with your little ones creates a bonding experience and promotes literacy skills, vocabulary, and imagination.

Plus, what could be more heartwarming than reading stories about the love and appreciation we have for our fathers? Check out some of these fun book ideas:

Made For Me – In the sweet children’s book Made For Me, Dad and his child are inseparable. They have so much fun together! Dad is always there for his little one, whether it’s playing ball, reading stories, or just giving big hugs. This special bond between father and child is truly beautiful. Made For Me is a heartwarming story that will fill readers of all ages with love and happiness.

I Love You, Daddy – This is an adorable children’s book about a Little Bear and his Daddy Bear. The cute story follows Little Bear as he goes about his day, doing things that Daddy Bear says he’s ready to try. At the end of the day, they snuggle up together and say goodnight. The book is a sweet and encouraging story for dads and their little ones. It’s sure to bring a smile to any reader’s face.

Just Me And My Dad – This is a cute children’s book about a young boy and his father going camping. The classic illustrations are fun and the story is simple but sweet. The book follows the boy as he and his dad set up camp, fish in the stream, tell ghost stories, and enjoy each other’s company out in nature.

Father’s Day Activities

These Father’s Day I Spy printables provide a fun and engaging activity for kids to do while celebrating their dads. With colorful and eye-catching designs, kids can count and search for different Father’s Day-themed items within the images. This activity helps with the development of visual discrimination and counting skills, as well as promoting focus and concentration.

Print out these fun Father’s Day color by number printables that offer a fun way for kids to celebrate dads. With various Father’s Day-themed designs, kids can color in each section based on the corresponding number, creating a colorful and engaging finished product. This activity can help with number recognition, improving fine motor skills, and providing a calming and relaxing effect. It’s a great way for kids to show their appreciation for their dads in a fun and creative way.

Are your kids excited to show Dad just how much he means to them this Father’s Day? With this super cool robot Father’s Day card, you can tell him he’s the best dad in the universe!

Get ready to pop into a world of fun and love! This Father’s Day popcorn craft is not only sweet to create, but it’s also a great way for kids to boost their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. How cool is that?

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