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Free Printable Hedgehog Worksheets For Kids

From the crisp air to crunchy fallen leaves, fall is a magical time for kids. One of the most exciting parts of the season has to be the animals that come out to play!

If your little ones enjoy learning about animals, why not make it into a fun activity? Our hedgehog worksheets combine these cute critters with engaging activities your kids will love. 

With handwriting practice, letter recognition exercises, and coloring opportunities, kids can develop their literacy skills with the help of these adorable animals!

Download and print these free worksheets to get your kids excited about learning this fall!

For even more exciting activities, check out our other preschool worksheets. They’re the perfect way to bridge the gap between fun and education.

Hedgehog Printables

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In this collection of printables, you’ll receive the following:

  • ‘Hh’ is for hedgehog handwriting practice
  • Label the hedgehog
  • ‘Hh’ letter maze

Hedgehog Handwriting Practice

If your kids are learning the basics of handwriting, this activity is perfect! They’ll trace each line to form the letter ‘Hh’ in uppercase and lowercase forms. It’s a great addition to any alphabet unit, and the added fine motor skills practice is a bonus!

Label the Hedgehog

This worksheet will help your kids learn new words by labeling the parts of a hedgehog. From their noses to their spines, they’ll be able to identify and spell the names of each body part correctly. 

We love how this activity encourages kids to think about each word and how it applies to the picture!

hedgehog worksheets image collage

H Letter Maze

Can your little learners find every ‘H’ and make it to the finish line? Our letter maze will have them discover different letters and concepts like opposites (right, left; up, down). Plus, your kid’s problem-solving abilities will get a boost as they search for the correct path!

Have your kids choose their favorite color to complete this worksheet, and watch them have fun while learning.

Be sure to check out our other Fall printables for your kiddos to work on this special time of year!

Preschool Fall Theme For Kids

We’ve put together a variety of printables and activities to get your kids excited about learning this fall. They’ll learn something new each day, and you can watch them explore their creative side!

Keep reading to find some of our favorite preschool fall theme ideas. There’s something for kids of all ages; let’s get ready for some cool weather fun!

Fall Books For Preschoolers

Are your kids spending more and more time on their devices? Reading books with them might just be the perfect solution. By reading together you’re helping them develop important language and literacy skills.

Plus, reading encourages imagination and a love for learning that will last a lifetime. With so many distractions in today’s world, it’s never been more important to spend quality time with your children!

So next time you’re looking for some fun storytime activities with your little one, grab a book from your shelf and read to them! Below are some of the top fall-themed books for kids.

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves: The mischievous old lady swallowed a handful of leaves! Her tummy started to rumble. So she swallowed some more items. Then even more. But as her stomach grew full, the leaves began to poke out through her mouth… when suddenly – poofffff! – it turned into a scarecrow!

Pete The Cat Falling For Autumn: Pete is not a fan of fall. But he decides to do some detective work and finds out that there are lots of things about this season he loves, like corn mazes, hayrides, wearing scarves, and apple picking! This story helps kids learn that even though they might not love every season of the year, there are still good parts to each one.

We’re Going On A Leaf Hunt: The seasons are changing, the days getting are shorter, and children everywhere are starting to make plans for their favorite outdoor adventures – and what could be more fun than a Leaf Hunt?!

hedgehog worksheets letter h

Fall Craft Ideas For Kids

Scarecrow Paper Cup Craft – If you have paper cups, markers, and our free template, your kids can make the cutest little scarecrow!

This craft is perfect for developing fine motor skills in a creative way. It’s also great for exploring colors and shapes as your child puts together their scarecrow friend.

Apple Name Craft – Learning how to spell their name is a fundamental activity for preschoolers. With our apple name craft, your little ones can practice spelling their name while making something special. Apples are also the perfect fall theme, so let’s get crafting! 

Fall craft ideas for kids

Paper Bag Scarecrow Craft – Your kids will adore this craft – it’s fall fun at its finest! They’ll create their own charming scarecrow, complete with a straw hat and cute smile.

It’s easy, engaging, and perfect for all ages! Little kids will also learn about different facial features as they arrange the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Corn Craft For Preschoolers – Do your little ones love exploring corn mazes during fall? Now, they can bring the fun indoors with our corn craft!

With just a few simple supplies, they can create a sweet decoration to hang up at home! Kids will have a blast cutting out the corn and working their creative muscles. 

Kindergarten Fall Activities

Celebrate the fall with our book companion Spookley The Square Pumpkin art project! Your kindergarteners will love bringing Spookley to life using watercolor paints.

They’ll be in awe as they watch the colors blend together to create an autumn masterpiece!

Word practice just got more exciting with our fall color by sight word worksheets! Kids will be able to recognize, read, and color sight words as they explore fun fall themes.

This complete set includes words such as ‘go,’ ‘have,’ and ‘what’ – perfect for kindergarteners!

hedgehog worksheets label the hedgehog

You can’t go wrong with coloring worksheets! Our scarecrow coloring pages are a fun and seasonal activity for little kids.

They’ll work on their hand-eye coordination, practice different colors, and get creative with their scarecrow designs! These pages are a great no-prep option for busy parents and teachers. 

Learning the ABCs has never been more engaging than with these apple alphabet play dough mats!

These mats allow your kindergarteners to recognize, form, and write letters in a fun way. It’s a great activity to build independence and work on pre-writing skills. And not to mention, kids love play dough!

hedgehog worksheets letter maze

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More Fall Ideas For Kids

Hedgehog Worksheets

Hedgehog Worksheets

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