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12 Fun Polar Bear Activities For Kids

It’s no secret that winter can feel a little gloomy. The days are shorter, it’s colder and sometimes all you want to do is stay inside bundled up in front of the fireplace.

But while your kids are stuck inside, why not make the most of it by doing some fun activities?

We’ve got 12 fun polar bear activities for kids that will keep them entertained for hours on end.

From crafts to games to coloring sheets, we’ve got something for everyone! So grab your supplies and get started – these activities are sure to keep kids busy and happy all winter long!

Polar Bear Ideas

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Have your kids practice their scissor skills with these free printable polar bear cutting activity pages. These are perfect for the wintertime, or anytime you want to have your kids practice! This is a great lesson in patience and fine motor skill development. Get out those scissors and go wild!

This craft is a great way to get kids excited about winter, and it’s perfect for helping them develop their fine motor skills. Follow the our simple steps to make your own tissue paper polar bear!

Kids love this easy paper plate polar bear craft that doesn’t require any painting. It’s the perfect way to keep your little ones occupied on a cold day. All you need is a paper plate, glue, scissors, and some paper.

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This paper polar bear headband craft is a simple project that kids can do on their own. It’s perfect for wintertime! Make it from paper or have the kids color them in.

Kids will love these fun, educational polar bear worksheets. They can use a letter maze to find all the letter p’s then label the polar bear using our fun printable. The handwriting worksheet is perfect for practicing printing skills too!

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Polar bears are one of the most iconic animals in winter. This toilet paper roll polar bear craft is easy enough for kids to make, so grab your supplies and get started.

Practice letter recognition and counting with these polar bear do a dot printables. This free printable set is perfect for kids in preschool through kindergarten age range.

This popsicle stick polar bear craft is a fun way to let kids paint, cut, and glue. It’s great hands-on project that they can just enjoy at home or use as an activity in the classroom!

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This adorable winter activity is a great way for kids to practice their counting and fine motor skills. The cute polar bears also makes it fun! Download these free printable polar bear dot to dot printables now.

Make this polar bear handprint craft to celebrate the winter season. This is an easy, no mess activity that kids will love! With this adorable keepsake you’ll be able to cherish your child’s prints forever and ever.

This polar bear paper bag puppet is a fun activity that kids will enjoy. It’s great to do at home or in the classroom as an easy winter craft and is great for pretend play too.

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Kids will love this free polar bear memory game. The object of the game is to find matches by turning over two cards on your turn. This fun winter activity can be used at home or in the classroom!

Get your kids ready for a frosty fun time! This cool polar bear name craft is a great way for our kids to get familiar with the letters in their names. They can also design their own polar bear friend with simple materials. It’s a journey of fun and learning that will keep them engaged all season long!

Are your kids ready to have a ‘bear-y’ good time? This cute polar bear cup craft is here! As they create their own frosty friend, they’re also flexing their creativity muscles and fine-tuning their motor skills. It’s also a great chance for them to learn about those lovely creatures from the Arctic.

Have you heard about the latest winter wonder? It’s the polar bear tissue box craft! It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s a cool way for your kiddos to let their creativity run wild. Plus, they’ll be boosting their fine motor skills all while having fun!

Did you know that with just a touch of creativity, Kids can bring the magic of the Arctic right into your home? That’s right! They can create a moving polar bear paper plate craft by just using simple materials at home. It’s also a great way to learn more about these cute creatures.

The torn paper polar bear craft is a cool activity for kids. It enhances their creativity and develops their fine motor skills through the tearing and pasting process. It also provides an educational aspect as they learn about polar bears and their Arctic habitats.

We hope you’ve got some great ideas to keep your kiddos busy this winter!

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