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Free Printable Polar Bear Memory Game For Kids

Matching games are one of the best games for young children to play!

We have created tons of versions of memory since we love them so much. Some of them include a dinosaur theme preschool memory game, a solar system flashcard game, nature story cards, and many others.

Since we’re right in the middle of winter, today we’re sharing this polar bear memory game.

Read on below to see how to download your free copy and also be sure to check out all of our polar bear activities for more ideas!

Polar Bear Matching Game

Free Printable Polar Bear Memory Game For Kids | This simple game is great for the preschool classroom or at home. #kids #teachingkindergarten #preschool #earlychildhood #kidsandparenting #teaching #teacher #homeschool #homeschooling

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Matching games are a fun learning tool we use frequently in our home.

They’re great because not only can your child have fun playing them, but there’s also a whole bunch of things they can learn from them including visual discrimination, learning how to take turns, visual memory, perseverance and more.

In this free printable set, there are six different matching sets included. Since it’s a small pack, I prefer to have my 4-year-old play by himself.

polar bear memory game

He’ll line them all up into a square with the backs facing up and take turns finding matching pairs.

Since these polar bears are all similar and use the same colors, there was one or two times when he thought he had found a match but it was a different card altogether.

Free Printable Polar Bear Matching Game #kids #kidsandparenting #ece #preschool #prek

Of course, you can also play with 2 players if you prefer. It’s perfect for a short break since the game goes by quickly.

closeup of polar bear memory game

We love printing matching games out, putting them in a snack sized Ziploc and carrying them in my purse so we can use them when we have time on the go.

They’re also fun for use in the classroom when the kids have individual quiet time.

If your kids (or students) like memory games, don’t forget to enter your email in the form at the bottom of this page to have the download link emailed to you!

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Free Polar Bear Memory Game

Free Polar Bear Memory Game

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