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12 Perfect Penguin Activities For Kids

It’s wintertime and that means kids are inside more. That also means kids need activities to keep them entertained and learning!

Here are ten perfect penguin activities for kids, including crafts, art projects, and printables – there is something here for any young kiddo.

These ideas will help kids stay busy during the cold months so they don’t get bored or restless when it’s too cold outside!

They’re perfect for preschoolers through early elementary-aged kids.

Penguin Ideas

penguin activities image collage with the words penguin activities

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tissue paper penguin and printable penguin craft

Tissue paper is the perfect material to work with when you’re trying to teach your kids about colors! This penguin tissue paper craft will help them practice their fine motor skills while giving them a cute winter animal friend!

This cute penguin printable craft is easy for kids to cut and paste together. Print out the template on cardstock paper, then let your child color in the design with markers or paint before cutting it out! It’s a great winter activity that will keep young ones busy during these cold days.

If you’re looking for a fun and creative craft project for kids, then this adorable penguin name craft is perfect! With just a few simple supplies like paper, scissors, and glue, your little ones can get started. They’ll get to personalize it with letter eggs that spell out their names – the perfect finishing touch! Plus, this craft project is easy enough for even the littlest crafters to do.

penguin worksheets and penguin valentine craft

These printable penguin cutting activity printables are a fun way for kids to practice their scissor skills. These free printables come with 4 different pages that will keep your little ones busy and having fun.

If your kids love penguins so much, they need holiday activities for them too, then this penguin Valentine craft is perfect! It’s easy to make with our free template and will look great hanging on the fridge.

Looking for a craft that celebrates the joy of giving? Then try out this cute penguin card craft! It’s the perfect way to spread cheer this season. Not only is it fun and easy to make, but it’s also an opportunity for kids to think of others. With just a few simple materials, like construction paper, glue, and scissors your little ones can create a card that makes someone feel extra special. This craft is sure to bring plenty of smiles!

toilet paper roll penguin and penguin headband

This adorable toilet paper roll penguin craft is a quick and easy way to get your kids entertained this winter! With just a few materials, you’re on your way to making lots of cute penguins.

Bring the penguins home with this adorable penguin headband craft. You can use colored paper or just print it out in black and white and let your little ones color in their own penguin! This is a perfect winter activity for kids.

Kids will have a blast creating their very own Tacky the Penguin craft after reading the book! All they need is construction paper, glue, and some colorful markers. With just these simple materials, children can make an adorable version of the beloved character that’ll bring them hours of enjoyment.

Kids will have a blast creating their very own Tacky the Penguin craft after reading the book! All they need is paper, scissors, glue, and some colorful markers. With just these simple materials, children can make an adorable version of the beloved character that’ll bring them lots of enjoyment.

paper plate penguin and penguin worksheets

This paper plate penguin craft is perfect for the winter months. It’s a fun and easy way to let your kids paint, cut, and glue their own paper plate decoration. This simple art project will keep them entertained any time you need it this winter season.

It’s getting colder and that means it’s time to bundle up and stay inside! And what better way than with these free printable penguin worksheets? With this activity, kids will be able to practice using scissors properly while also working on their handwriting skills. Plus they’ll get in the winter spirit by learning about one of our favorite animal friends – the penguin!

Create an adorable paper cup penguin craft with your kids this winter! This craft is simple and fun to make, requiring just a few everyday items like paper cups, paper, glue, and scissors – everything you need to craft up a family of these cuddly creatures.

paper bag penguin and popsicle stick penguin

This is a super easy penguin paper bag craft that kids will love to make. It’s perfect for winter play and pretend play when they’re done making it!

Kids will love this fun popsicle stick penguin craft. It’s a great activity to keep them busy on cold winter days or introduce the concept of building something with their own hands.

Get your kids ready for a fun activity with this penguin photo craft! They can create a cute penguin pal that features their own face with just a few simple materials. It also enhances their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

This penguin shape craft is a delightful dive into the world of shapes. Kids will learn how to identify figures as they bring their own adorable penguin to life! It is an exciting activity that keeps them engaged and makes learning fun and easy.

Ready your kids to dive into a world of frosty fun! This adorable penguin stick puppet craft is easy to create. It helps kids exercise their creativity and imagination in the most delightful way. It is also a great opportunity to learn about these charming, waddling wonders!

Are your kids ready for a winter adventure? This rocking penguin craft is just the ticket! It’s a simple and fun activity that will make them giggle with joy as they create their cute, colorful penguins. It also boosts their creativity while having fun!

Looking for a frosty fun adventure for kids? This torn paper penguin craft is just the ticket! It’s an activity where kids can bring their very own adorable penguin to life. And here’s the cool part – while they’re busy crafting, they’re also developing handy skills like hand-eye coordination and precision.

Our hatching penguin craft is all about celebrating the magic of new beginnings and the frosty charm of the winter season! As kids piece together this adorable baby penguin emerging from its shell, they’re not only having a blast but also enhancing their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Are your kids ready for a fun adventure? Our yarn penguin craft is a winter wonder. It lets kids wrap their way to a charming penguin friend! It’s not just about creating a cute keepsake, It also boosts kids’ fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

This moving penguin paper plate craft offers kids a unique and easy way to dive into creativity! As they assemble their very own winter scene, they not only get to express their artistic side but also engage their fine motor skills. Best of all, once they’re done, they’ve got a playful penguin ready for all sorts of arctic adventures!

Get your kids ready for a snowball of fun with this adorable cute puffy penguin craft! It’s like a mini Arctic adventure right in your home that’s sure to bring joy and learning to kids. It is also a great way to help develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

More Winter Ideas For Kids

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