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101 Of The Best Stocking Stuffers For Kids Under 5

Inside: Tired of buying the same old stocking stuffers year after year? Then you’ll love this massive list of stocking stuffers for kids under 5. 

Every year I list all the gifts I’m going to get my kids for Christmas. Everything is orderly and organized and I usually end up getting everything I need in one or two shopping trips.

But there’s one thing I always wait until the last minute to get:

Stocking stuffers. 

I don’t know why I do it, but every year I find myself on the barren aisles of Target a few days before Christmas frantically trying to find things my kids actually want that aren’t junk.

It’s a difficult task.

So, this year, I’m starting early and making a comprehensive list of stocking stuffers for kids under 5.

I’ve broken them down into 4 different categories including stocking stuffers for artsy and crafty kids, toy and game stocking stuffers, personal care stocking stuffers, baby stocking stuffers, and quirky stocking stuffers.

The one thing I do want to mention to you is to check the dimensions of each of the items below against your own stockings to be sure they’ll fit inside. 

I’ve had some years where we’ve used smaller stockings when we traveled and had to jam their gifts into them and other years where our bigger stockings looked empty, so please check them out before you buy.

Stocking Stuffers For Kids Under 5

You'll find over 100 ideas for some of the best stocking stuffers for kids under 5. There's everything from arts & crafts, to toys, to personal care items and beyond!

Crafty Stocking Stuffers

Scratch Art Pad:

These notepads are just plain fun whether you’re 3 or 33.  Kids love doodling on these rainbow papers, plus they’re great for throwing in your purse to keep kids busy while you’re doing errands.

Wikki Stix:

These little sticks help your children’s imagination blossom. Create anything you can imagine with these bendable sculpting sticks from people to animals to your child’s name.

Super Mario Patch:

super mario patch

If your kid is into Mario, then they will love this Super Mario patch. Iron it onto their backpack, jacket, jeans, or whatever they want to adorn. 

Twisty Droppers:

These fun droppers are good for bath time, but my favorite way to use them is with baking soda and vinegar art. Just fill them up with colored vinegar and use them with a tray of baking soda for an easy quiet-time activity for kids.

Travel Spirograph:

Remember these things from when you were a kid? It turns out these things are classics for a reason. Even with all the electronic toys available today, kids are still mesmerized by this simple art set.


Stickers are a great filler item for the stocking and you can get virtually any sticker your kids are into. These ones are cheap, but I always like to look at the Target dollar spot first!

Play-Doh Party Packs:

One way I like to save money on stocking stuffers is to buy a pack of things like this play-doh and split them up between kids. It gives them a little more variety without me having to buy a separate pack for each kid.

Scented Markers:

My son has been asking me to get some scented markers for him for a long time now, so this is one of the items I’m planning to put in his stocking. The price for these markers is super affordable and they have awesome ratings!

Pencil Case:

Don’t you love giving your kid a gift they like that’s also practical? These monster pencil cases come in 5 colors and are so cute.

Water Wow Notebooks:

Melissa & Doug know how to make both moms and kids happy. These notebooks allow kids to color without any of the mess of markers, which makes them perfect for travel and on-the-go fun. 

Water Beads:

If your kids have never experienced water beads, you have to put this in their stocking this year! They’re so much fun to feel and play with and they last forever because there are so many of them in the bag.

Wooden Butterfly Magnets:

Here’s a small, inexpensive stocking stuffer for girls that will keep them entertained for quite a while. This kit comes with everything you need in one small package.

Glitter Glue:

Glitter glue is fun no matter what you’re doing with it, but one of our favorite things to do with it is to make glitter slime. So. Much. Fun. Just do it!

Dry Erase Markers

I always make sure to have some dry-erase markers on hand for the printable activities we do. Often we’ll laminate the sheet, then use dry-erase markers so we can use them over and over again.

Watercolor Paint: 

Most kids enjoy painting, but sometimes, with all the mess parents steer them towards another activity. These washable watercolors allow kids to express their imagination but without triggering Mom’s worry about staining the house.

Glitter Chalk:

I had no idea glitter chalk was a thing, but I’m so excited about it! We love drawing on the sidewalk with Crayola’s chalk and I’m certain this glitter chalk is going to take our drawings to a whole new level.

Kids Scissors:

Again, these kid-friendly scissors are perfect for kids who love to create, plus they’re extremely practical. 

Kids Stamping Set:

Little hands will have so much fun with this small stamping set complete with stamps and a multicolored stamp pad. 

Crayon Rocks:

I’m sure just about every household with kids has some crayons in them, but these rock-shaped crayons are too fun to pass up!

DIY Racecar:

This wooden race car set contains everything you need to build and decorate your own wooden race car. I’m sure any boy would love this crafty activity. 

Toy Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids

Hatchimals Collegtibles:

Like I said in my 2022 Hottest Toy Guide, the Hatchimal craze isn’t over yet. Kids will die over these adorable, pint-sized hatchimals.


I’ve never heard of these adorable little creatures before, but they’re tiny monkeys that hang out on your hand. They make kissing noises, blink, babble like a monkey, swing their tails, and more. Apparently, little girls are in love with these toys.

Olaf Spot It:

Spot it is one of our family’s favorite games. If you’ve never played before it’s lots of fun for even the youngest of kids because there’s no reading involved. All you do is find the matching pictures on the cards. It’s best to play with kids of a similar level so everyone has a chance, but my 6-year-old can compete with adults pretty well after a little practice.

Pocket Tegu Set:

We love Tegu blocks in our home! They’re so much fun for kids and adults to play with since there’s more creative building you can do with the magnetic feature. This block set is perfect for on the go play or at restaurants and doctor’s offices.

Slinky Jr.:

Of course, the Slinky made the list of perfect stocking stuffers for kids. They’re very affordable and there’s something so mesmerizing about the classic springy little toy. 


Even though there are so many amazing tech toys available, I love introducing my kids to old-school toys like the kaleidoscope. It’s amazing how entertaining something so simple can be to kids (and to be honest, myself too).

Koosh Ball:

If you have a boy who loves balls, you need to add one of these to your list of stocking stuffers for boys. Another simple toy that’s sure to entertain your little ones for a long time. 

Dig A Glow Dinosaur:

These awesome little Dinosaur eggs are a great activity and toy in one. Each set includes an egg and digging tool that lets your kids unearth a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur. This is another toy I’m planning on getting for my kid’s stockings. 

Handicorn Puppet:

So strange and yet so fun, this unicorn hand puppet is sure to bring smiles to your children’s faces. 

Magnetic Hangman:

This portable hangman game is great for kids learning to read, just be sure to keep the pieces away from any younger kids who might try to swallow them.

Flick’n Chicken: 

I think the name says it all: a chicken that you can stretch and shoot. Why do you ask? Why not?! It’s so simple and goofy, it has me wanting to try one out too.

Adopt A Puppy Set:

adopt a puppy set

Your animal lovin’ kiddo will adore this set of puppy plushies!

Paddle Ball:

Another oldie, but goodie, this paddle ball game can give your kids some old-fashioned fun.

Unicorn Popper:

A plastic unicorn figure that shoots rainbow balls out of its snout. Yep, sign my kids up for that one. It’s sure to please any little kid. 

Magic 8 Ball:

Remember when you had a magic 8 ball and you thought it would reveal all the secrets to your life? Or was that just me? Either way, kids love asking questions so why not give yourself a break and let the Magic 8 ball do all the answering instead.

Minion Plush:

My younger son already has one of these guys, but what kid wouldn’t want more than one Minion plush? They’re the perfect size for stockings so grab one for each of your kids.

Mini Gone Fishing Game:

The tiny, travel version of the classic game will let your kids take their fishing adventure on the road. It comes with two tiny poles and 8 colored fish just waiting to be caught.


I would never have guessed that Gumby and his friends were still a hit with kids today, but apparently, they are. My son got one a year ago and he still plays with it more than I’d ever have guessed.

Jax Set:

Jax game set

I’ve never played jax before, but with this classic jax set, I can see this as a quick bonding game with my kids that will also increase their hand-eye coordination. Double win!

Bag of Bugs:

Yep, bugs. I can’t vouch for the girls, but I certainly know boys love bugs. Grab a bag of bugs for your little man and watch the delight unfold.

Richard Scarry Gift Set:

Richard scarry gift set

For the Richard Scarry fan in your family, this gift set will be the best present they get this year!

Personal Care Stocking Stuffers For Kids

Princess Lip Balm:

disney princess lip balm

Moms give this lip balm set rave reviews because first, they’re Disney princess theme and second they look like lipstick but they’re actually just lip balm!

Fun Flossers:

Yes, this is probably the most practical stocking stuffer on the list, but hey, if you can make flossing at least a little fun, you’re more likely to get your kids to do it, right?

Marvel Toothbrush Set:

Marvel kids toothbrush set

I like giving my kids toothbrushes in their stockings because every time we go down the dental aisle, they always ask for a new kids toothbrush.

Ella + Mila Nail Polish:

This nail polish by Ella + Mila is great for moms who want to be sure their daughters haven’t loaded themselves up with toxic chemicals. They’re free of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, camphor, TPHP and xylene. They’re also vegan and animal cruelty-free.


Another cheap stocking stuffer for kids are band-aids. Amazon has them the cheapest I’ve seen them and has over 25 different styles of characters available. 

Tangle Teezer:

This is the only hairbrush I’ll use on my wet or damp hair because it’s so delicate on knots and tangles. I don’t have any girls, but if I did, this would certainly make the cut for their stockings. 

Bath Squirters:

These animal squirters are great for young kids to play with at bath time. This set is inexpensive and comes in several quantities.

Bath Pipes:

These look so cool that I almost want to get them for my kids. But since I already have to bribe them out of the bath with food, I’ll skip these. If your kiddo doesn’t enjoy the bath, try these bath pipes in their stocking this year.

Bath Crayons:

Every so often, I’ll let my kids paint in the bath, so these bath crayons seem like the perfect solution to letting them play and letting me off the hook for so much cleanup. Reviewers say they come off the tub like a dream, even after sitting there for a few days.

Bath Color Tablets:

bath color tablets

These tablets change the color of bath water and apparently, kids love them! They have a 4.8-star review from over 1,100 customers.

Yumberry Scented Bubble Podz:

This is another item I’m adding to my kids’ list of stocking stuffers. Because both of my children suffer from skin sensitivities and eczema, I love the idea of this all-natural bubble bath. It seems a tad pricey for the amount you get, but I’d still get it for a special occasion like Christmas. 

Folding Brush & Comb:

Yep, check this one off my list of must-have stocking stuffers for boys. With a 6 year old that has absolutely no interest in combing his own hair, I’m hoping this cool Dinosaur hair brush will have him at least trying to do it himself. Fingers crossed…

Kids Bath Bombs:

What makes these bath bombs for kids? As far as I can tell, it’s cool looking colors and scents like Gummy Bear, Dreamsicle, Grape Soda and Cotton Candy. These bath bombs are also organic and made without any artificial flavors or colors. The cherry on top is as the bath bomb fizzes out “bath sprinkles” that make the water sparkle, your child will get a small surprise toy at the end!

Rose Flower Headband:

Floral headbands are still on trend and these ones for girls are too cute to handle. Each set comes with 7 colors and there are two different sets available.

Kids Bath Loofah:

animal loofah

Have a reluctant bather? Maybe these cute animal-themed bath loofas will change their mind.  I mean, it’s worth a shot anyway. They come in a 4 pack.

Watermelon Kids Toothpaste:

Currently, my kids are obsessed with Strawberry toothpaste, but I’m pretty sure that’s just because we’ve never seen this fluoride-free watermelon-flavored toothpasteI’m so intrigued by this flavor, I might have to try it myself!

LumiPets Night Light For Kids:

These little night lights for kids are so adorable! They have a soft silicone body, don’t get hot and are USB rechargeable so you aren’t wasting money on batteries all year long. 

Grogu Toothpaste Cap:

grogu toothpaste cap

This grogu-shaped toothpaste cap might be worth the purchase for a reluctant toothbrusher. Plus, it’s really fun to look at.

Baby Stocking Stuffers

Whale Shaker:

whale rattle

This adorable little rattle is perfect for small hands. It’s made from chemical-free rubber wood and coated with a non-toxic clear coat. 

Mustache Pacifier:

mustache pacifier

This pacifier is a great gift for facial hair lovin’ dads to give their sons. It gets 4.5 stars from over 900 people.

Silicone Baby Teething Toy:

This is my favorite teething toy for young children. When my son was getting his first teeth this toy was the only one we could find that he could hold himself.

Travel Sleep Sheep:

This little sound machine is perfect for travel because of its small size. It great for car trips, airplane travel and more and has four calming nature sounds to relax your baby.

My First Touch & Feel Picture Cards:

I recently stumbled upon these touch and feel picture cards and I love them! There are 16 cards that show common objects, each with a unique texture. What’s even better is that there are tips on the back of each card that help you teach your baby and toddler as they grow.

Bandana Bibs:

bandana bibs

I only saw these bandana bibs emerge a few years ago, but they’re ideal for drooly babies. We had a set for my younger son and they saved him from a chin rash and having to change his onesies multiple times a day. Definitely worth the price!  

Baby Banana Corn Cob Toothbrush:

I used this style toothbrush with each of my kids and this was the only toothbrush they would let in their mouths while they were babies.  It doubles perfectly as a teething toy and receives rave reviews from over 6,000 people!

Letters To My Baby:

I love the idea behind these letters to baby. Each letter gives you a prompt so you have direction on what exactly to write about. Write them, seal them up, and give them to your child years later.

Pacifier Holder:

pacifier clips

My children never took to any pacifiers, but if yours do, definitely get some pacifier clips to prevent losing them and having them fall on the floor.

Board Book:

One or two skinny board books like this one, are great stocking stuffers for little babies. 

Pull-Back Vehicle Set:

These cars are great for little babies and toddlers because they have soft body and are very light. Babies can pull back and release cars to drive. I love buying a set like this and putting one or two in the stocking and wrapping the rest up for a Christmas gift. 

Whose Feet? Activity Book:

This soft, fabric book is great for babies since the dangling legs encourage babies to play with the book. It’s also machine washable and teaches them about animals.

Animal Finger Puppets:

This set of 10 animal finger puppets is perfect for storytime, singing, or just quiet play with the baby.

Nonskid Baby Socks:

baby animal socks

Cute animal socks like these with nonskid soles are great for babies starting to move around on their own. 

Silicone Batman Teething Toy:

There are a few other teethers on this list, but this one gets my vote for the best design. I love the simple, modern design of this Batman teether.

Monthly Baby Stickers:

This cute set of milestone stickers contains 24 different stickers to document every month and all the special milestones like walking, first tooth, first Christmas, and more. 

Washable Bunny Plush:

bunny plush

This cute bunny plush can be frequently washed without falling apart.

Baby Training Spoons:

These silicone training spoons are food-grade, dishwasher-safe, and BPA-free. Parents rave that this odd-looking spoon holds the perfect amount of food for small babies and also doubles as a teether.

Quirky Kids Stocking Stuffers

Moon Torch:

I think of this little gadget as a portable version of Moon in My Room. Use this flashlight to shine an image of a moon anywhere you want.

More Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes For Kids:

This book is the sequel to the first laugh-out-loud jokes for kids. It’s super affordable and will entertain kids for a long time. 

Fart Spray:

fart spray

So, so weird, but yes, this fart spray is just what they sound like. Just watch out; once sprayed, it will fill the air with stinky smart-like smells. I can see my kids loving these!

Ice Cream Cone Erasers:

Kids love quirky-shaped erasers like these ice cream goody ones. There are 48 pieces in this set so you can pop a few in the stocking and save the rest for another occasion.

Train Whistle:

Let your kids have an imaginative play with this Pinewood train whistle. I don’t know about your kids, but anything that makes noise in our house is always a hit.

Chattering Teeth:

Completely random, yet completely entertaining. For some reason, everyone (adults included) love these chattering teeth.

Touchable Bubbles:

touchable bubbles

I have been looking everywhere for these kinds of touchable bubbles. You get 6 test tubes in this pack, so you can split these up between your kids or share them with friends. 

Banana Slugs:

Another utterly random stocking stuffer for kids, these are simply sticky slugs you can stick on any hard surface.

Magnetic Putty:

magnetic putty

Is it terrible when you give your child a gift that you actually want yourself? Because this magnetic putty has always intrigued me and it’s almost on the list for my boys’ stockings just so I can satisfy my own curiosity. It does come with a small magnet, so this gift is only for older kids and is to be used with adult supervision.

Car Tape:

car road tape

This car tape is a fun idea that allows your kids to build their own streets and roadways on hard surfaces and peel them up whenever they’re done.

Small Hands Fidget Spinners:

small hands fidget spinner

Of course, we’ve all seen the fidget spinner craze hit, but these ones caught my attention because they’re specially made for small hands to be able to manipulate and spin.

Mini Dinosaur Garden:

mini dinosaur garden

This mini terrarium dinosaur garden will grow trees for your mini dinosaurs!

Star Wars Pez Dispenser:

This 12-piece Star Wars Pez set is great for the Star Wars loving kids in your house. Because there are so many in the set, you could divide it between children or even save some for later gifts throughout the year. 

Annie’s Fruit Tape:

organic fruit tape

Aust like the fruit tape you had when you were a kid, except this fruit tape is organic and has more natural ingredients and they are great for cheap stocking stuffer fillers. 

Liquid Motion Bubbler:

These little liquid motion tubes are a fun sensory toy to just watch over and over again. 

Tangle Jr. Fidget Toy:

These fidget toys are great for soothing anxious kids and are more discrete than traditional spinner fidget toys.

Magnifying Glass:

magnifying glass

There’s nothing like having your child go outside and get away from all the technology. Hand them this magnifying glass and watch their outdoor exploration take on a whole new level.


This viewfinder is another toy from my past that I know my kids would love! And if you still have some reels from when you were a kid, they’ll compatible. 

Dog Slide Whistle:

slide whistle

The cute design of this slide whistle will have young kids asking for their turn over and over again.

With over 100 unique stocking stuffers for kids under 5, I hope you’ve been able to find the best gifts for your kids’ stockings this Christmas!

Which ones are you going to add to your kids’ stockings?

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