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A Fun & Simple Dinosaur World Sensory Bin For Kids

If you’ve been following along in our at-home summer camp, you’ll know we’ve completed the ocean activities for kids series in week one.

So far, in our dinosaur activities series, we’ve made a cute dinosaur handprint art keepsake and had messy fun with our dinosaur STEM activity.

Today, we’re going old school with a twist and creating a dinosaur world sensory bin.

You know, back to the time when you were a kid and you just played with toys and your imagination.

No screens. No fancy supplies. Just your child and their creativity.

Imagine that!

But this time, instead of just setting your kids loose with their toys, we’re creating a small world scene in a sensory bin for your kids to immerse themselves in.

It’s going to provide your kids with so much fun they won’t want to stop playing.

Read on to see how to make a dinosaur sensory bin for your kids. Also, check out all of our dinosaur activities for more projects!

Dinosaur World Sensory Bin

Dinosaur Play Sensory Bin | Children will love this fun dino play idea that gives them their own small world in a bin. #smallworld #sensoryplay #dinosaurs #kidsactivities #ideasforkids #kidsandparenting #preschool #children

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Dinosaur Play Supplies

Dinosaur World Sensory Bin | dinosaur play sensory bin for toddlers, preschool, and kindergarten children

Dinosaur Sensory Bin Directions

Dinosaur Activity For Kids | Toddler, Preschoolers and kindergarten kids will love playing in this dinosaur sensory bin. It's perfect for imaginative free play. #dinosaurs #preschool #toddler #kindergarten #kidsactivities #childrenplay

1. Add sand to a sensory table or large bin.
2. Add some water to the sand and mix it up.
3. Clear a space in the middle of the bin where the river will pass through.
4. Place the blue gravel in the empty space. Line the edges of the sand with small rocks.
5. Add moss, fake plants and toys to the sandy areas.
6. Add a small nest and eggs, leaves, sticks or anything else you’d like.
7. Add water to the river.
8. Add dinosaur toys and invite your children to play, explore and have fun!

These small world sensory bins are one of the best activities for kids to stimulate their imagination and get them to really play with their toys.

If you’re looking for a simple activity to keep your kids busy, make sure you try this one out!

dinosaur small world sensory play for preschool and kindergarten

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