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Toy Story 4 Forky Coloring Pages For Kids [Free Printable]

Ever since we saw Toy Story 4 in the theater, our family has been hooked on it!

The new storyline, the return of old characters, and of course, Forky, make it one of our favorite Disney movies to date.

If your kids are suddenly obsessed with all things Toy Story as well, they’ll love these printable Forky coloring pages for kids.

These coloring sheets are a fun and easy activity you can whip together in just a few minutes! And, be sure to check out all of our fun coloring pages for kids here.

Forky Coloring Pages From Toy Story 4

Forky coloring pages image collage with the words free printable Forky coloring pages

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Use Forky To Teach Emotions For Kids

In this printable coloring page set, we’ve included six pages. The first three are simply Forky displaying a few different expressions. The last three are identical to the first 3 pages, but they also have the emotion he’s feeling at the bottom of the page.

The emotion word coloring pages (worried, happy, and scared) are a great resource for teaching kids about emotions and social skills.

If you want to teach your children more about emotions, Forky is a fun and approachable way to do that!

Throughout Toy Story 4, Forky cycles through a lot of feelings.

In the beginning, he’s nervous, worried, and anxious. After some time has passed, he becomes determined, understanding, and finally happy.

In the end, he’s able to see how Bonnie needs him, just how he needs trash. (If this doesn’t make sense, just go see the movie!)

For very young kids, we find it’s best to simply show the child the picture and ask if they know how he’s feeling.

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They may know happy and scared but might have a difficult time naming the “worried” face. Just tell them he’s feeling worried.

To take it a step further, you can ask your child if they’ve ever felt any of those emotions before. Listen to them tell their experiences and share some of your own in terms they can understand.

Remember to keep things simple for toddlers and young children. This is a great way to open the dialogue between you and your child.

It’s also helpful for kids who may be experiencing anxiety. You can help them understand that they’re not weird or different for feeling anxious, but that just like Forky, they have thoughts that make them feel anxious.

There really are so many ways to use Forky to teach kids about feelings, so don’t be shy about bringing it up with your children.

How Coloring Benefits Children

We’ve already discussed how Forky can help kids learn all about their feelings, but did you know just the simple act of coloring is amazingly beneficial for kids’ development?!

With the huge movement in adult coloring pages, we probably all know coloring is great for reducing stress. The same goes for kids! Allowing children some quiet time to sit down and complete a task is a great way to help kids focus and unwind.

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Coloring pages are also great for helping children work on fine motor skills. Each time they color, kids are able to develop their hand strength and work on holding their coloring utensils properly.

Even the simple act of children completing a coloring page can give them a quick boost in confidence! They’ll feel accomplished when they’ve finished their coloring and they can learn to understand how to follow through with small tasks.

No matter how your child uses these coloring sheets, they’ll have blast and be developing lots of useful qualities too!

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