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Frozen Ocean Sensory Fun For Kids Of All Ages

Inside: Your kids will love this frozen ocean sensory fun that’s perfect for outdoor play during those hot summer months! Plus see all our fun ocean kids activities

If you haven’t been following along, these sensory bins mark the fourth ocean themed activity in our at home summer camp series.

So far, we’ve played with an ocean theme preschool sensory bin, done a colorful and fun paper plate seahorse craft, and made a fun handprint fish keepsake.

Each activity we’ve done so far was a fun and educational way to introduce the ocean theme for kids and it had them asking many questions about the ocean ecosystem.

Today, we’re bringing things outside to get a little messy and engage all the senses!

Read on below to learn how to make these fun frozen ocean sensory bins for your kids.

Frozen Ocean Sensory Fun

Ocean Sensory Tub | Preschool, Kindergarten and elementary aged kids will love this frozen ocean sensory activity. It's a great hands on idea that'll encourage fine motor skills, problem solving and curiosity! #sensorytub #waterbeads #sensoryboxes #smallworldplay #playbasedlearning

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Ocean Outdoor Sensory Play Supplies:

Frozen Ocean Sensory Bin | Kids will have fun playing at home with water beads, shells and frozen ocean animals! It's a great summertime activity for children. #preschool #sensoryplay #earlychildhood #ocean #kidsandparenting #kidsactivities #outdooractivities #summeractivities #stem

Ocean Summer Sensory Bin Directions:

1. Add a few tablespoons of water beads to balloons.
2. Stretch the balloons out a little. Add small plastic ocean animals.
3. Fill the balloons with water.
4. Place the water balloons in a bowl and freeze them overnight.
5. Add water beads to an art tray or shallow bin.
6. Add water and allow the beads to expand. This will take a few hours.
8. Put baking soda, salt, water and vinegar into small bowls or paper cups.
9. Take the water balloon out of the freezer and cut the balloon off.
10. Place the balloon onto the activity tray.
11. Let your child use a spoon to add salt and baking soda onto the frozen ball.
12. Use a medicine dropper to suck up water or vinegar and squirt it onto the frozen ball.

Ocean Kids Activity | Incorporate fun and learning in one this summer with this frozen ocean sensory bin for children. You can use your child's favorite ocean animals like sea turtles, dolphins, sharks and more! #educationalactivities #summerscience #summeractivities #kidssummeractivities

Let your kids rescue the ocean animals inside the frozen balls.

Frozen Ocean Animal Rescue | Kids will love this outdoor sensory play for the warm summer months. Introduce science experiments like mixing vinegar and baking soda to melt ice and play with water! #stem #kidsactivities #steam #playtime #toddlers

Ask them to make observations about their rescue play.

Discuss whether water or vinegar melts the ice faster.

Ocean Theme Preschool Play | Kids will love uncovering their favorite ocean animals in this frozen ocean small world activity. #sensorytubs #sensoryactivities #stemactivities #scienceactivities #preschoolscience

Have them use warm water versus cold water and see which of the two helps free the animals better.

Ask them to describe what happens when the baking soda and water touch each other.

Ocean Unit Activity | Incorporate sensory play into your homeschool or classroom ocean studies with this frozen ocean sensory bin. #kindergarten #homeschool #summerfunlist #unitstudies #naturestudy

This ocean activity is a great way to engage all your child’s senses and get them excited to learn all about the ocean and its animals!

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